Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Wood Trail

Freezing temperatures have hit and although we have central heating, nothing beats the wood burning stove in the lounge.  Our mission for today was to replenish our log pile in readiness for the Christmas season.  We all actually managed to be out of the house just after nine, nothing short of a miracle given our current combined health status!!  Benedict was duly deposited at school for the morning and the rest of us continued on our way into the local countryside.

We are very blessed to buy all our wood from a couple who have their own woodland at the back of their house.  They manage the land appropriately and ensure that all their wood is well seasoned and stored in dry conditions.  They have their own wood burner and run their central heating from it, in fact the only time they have a heating bill for water is in the summer when the burner is not used!!  We had toyed with the idea of running our system from our burner but given our family and it's various nuances decided against it. All we would need would be a prolonged spell of sickness and:  No Burner = No Heating = A bad combination and a cold house!

Neatly stacked logs in the back of the car.

The source of the logs.

We definitely needed somewhere warm to thaw and headed for a local and favourite bird reserve.  I can't believe it but I think this is Pip's first visit to Leighton Moss... where has the time gone?  She was slightly bemused by the feathered creatures wadddling around but very quickly warmed to them.  Give her a few more visits and a couple of months maturity and she'll be charging around after them!  Poor things!!

Hmm, these look interesting.

C'mon mummy lets move in for a closer peek!

As usual the cafe was a welcome break.  Two lattes, one slice of gluten free cake and a piece of flap jack.  Pip was more interested in the food rather than the decorated tree nearby.  I'm sure she will home in on ours once it is in and decorated just before her birthday!  After all she can spot a loose piece of wallpaper a mile off and before you know it there is that familiar ripping sound!  Dad has part shares in evostick and can most days be seen with glue stick in hand!

Quit snapping, where's the food?

Cake please not just the crumbs!!

Empty plates and full tummies!

Cheeky Daddy and a serious Pip.

The day did not end here once we had collected Benedict and eaten lunch, Dave very kindly/bravely drove back through town so that, Benedict could  attend the school advent service.  Pip was enthralled by the whole event.  I had a few hours peace and actually made a start on present wrapping, good job too, nothing worst than late night wrapping on Christmas Eve!!  All in all a very blessed and happy day, Thank You God. 

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