Wednesday, 23 December 2009

One Whole Year Round The Sun

One whole year of snuggles, boo feeds, slinging and learning.  We had an early start this morning as Pip is cutting another tooth, so we were sat eating our breakfast of scrambled eggs at 6am.  In the peace and quiet and soft glow of the fairy lights on the tree, I reminisced that, this time last year things were not so peaceful!!  Quiet yes, as I'm not noisy in labour but I was definitely hoping that, the baby in my tum would be born soon.  Thankfully at 8:39am this wee treasure came into the world and as with all of our babies, three of them now grown, I am always amazed by the miracle of new life.  None more so than with Pip though as there is something extra special about a newborn at Christmas... a very real and tangible reminder of another precious babe born in a stable at Bethlehem; Jesus our precious Lord and Saviour.

Benedict and Pip examining the tree at the precise time of her birth, in the same room where she was born... the dining room!

Party Princess with her birthday crown.

Mid morning my brother Colin and sister-in-law Heather came to visit, it was lovely to see them. 

This box looks interesting, " I wonder what's inside?"

Uncle Colin holding the birthday gift a lovely bear money box.

Aunty Heather with Pip and Benedict.

Aunty Heather enjoying a cuppa coffee.

Right now the party girl is all partied out and enjoying a most welcome afternoon nap!

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday, sweet little princess! What a lovely family day. :)
    Christmas births *are* magical. I remember from the birth pool I could see our nativity on the mantelpiece and crying, because I could suddenly really *see* Mary giving birth so long ago, a real person with real hopes and dreams and feelings.


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