Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Change Of Plan

Today was our long awaited trip on The Santa Special at Haverthwaite, Lakeside.  These steam pulled specials have been running for over twenty years; they are enjoyed by young and old alike.  The adults usually enjoy a piece of Christmas cake and glass of sherry, whilst the children have their treat visit from St Nicholas.  The children's gifts are age appropriate and have been well thought out, as a result they are received with much enthusiasm and appreciation.

This year was to be Pip's first visit but unfortunately she began to spike a fever during the night and has been on the warm side throughout the course of the day.  So mummy and babe stayed at home keeping warm; she has nursed more frequently throughout the day and has welcomed being carried in the sling.  Thank God for mama's milk,  and echinacea tincture.She is sleeping at the moment but for how long is anyone's guess.

Dave and Benedict however continued the family tradition and had a great afternoon, singing carols and eating cake.  They were not on their own however as they met with Adrian, Bryony, Heather and Zoe.  We met the North family through Dave's time at RMC and have known them now for over six years.  Benedict and Heather get on very well; he copes with being organised by the little miss!!  They both really enjoy their time on the Santa Specials.  Benedict's present from St Nicholas was a miniature set of dinosaurs and Heather received a writing set.  Pip too was not left out from the proceedings, her gift via Benedict was a very cuddly turtle, just thing you need when you are feeling poorly! 

 Snow for the Santa Special

Santa gives early presents

Dusting of snow and still waters at the south end of Windermere

Steam, smoke and snow

Northern terminus, Lakeside station, where in warmer days we would alight for the lake steamers or ice cream, but today we appreciate the steam train heating instead and await the return journey to Haverthwaite

Wisps of locomotive steam mingle with the cold view

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