Sunday, 6 December 2009

Spectacular Speculatius... And The Feast Of St Nicholas

We were a bit behind with our celebrations today; a combination of late night checking with Benedict and early start with Pip = two very tired parents!!  However by mid morning we had rallied and set forth in the kitchen making our speculatius biscuits.  Our recipe was taken from this book:

If you want the  recipe it will be posted on The Kitchen Angel Blog!

After tidying the kitchen (again!) we gathered our supplies as pictured below:

Demerara sugar, soya flour, ground almonds, gluten free flour, unsalted butter and mixed spice.

Not wishing to be excluded, Pip as usual could be found on my back.  Thank goodness she isn't the proverbial back seat driver!!  She was quite happy watching over the proceedings with wooden spoon in hand!

This spoon sure is tasty!

Once all the weighing and mixing had been done we came to the fun part... the rolling of dough and sprinkling of flour!  Note to self, forget about cleaning the floor the night before when baking with little one's; it is an exercise in futility!!

Rolling and flouring the dough.

A very mucky pup!

 Our St Nicholas Shapes waiting to be baked in the Remoska.

And here they are,the finished treats in their iced glory, accompanied with the traditional hot chocolate drink.

Happy Feast!

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