Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All The B's

 Beadnell Bay

Yesterday we managed a kite flying day coupled with some learning zone activities on the "Stone Age", read alouds, maths and a write up on the Lindisfarne trip from Benedict.

 What a great idea!

 An Art Deco inspired house extension.  It reminds me of the roof top balcony at The Midland Hotel where Sara and Tom had their wedding reception.  I also half expect to see David Suchet as Hercule Poirot open the front door :-)

 Both kids had loads of fun with Aunty Maureen's kite, a gift to them both when Pip was a toddler and Benedict about her age now.  This is the first time that it has had an airing!

 Whilst the kids ran around like crazy, I enjoyed twenty minutes peace watching the waves crashing against the shore :-)

We made the right decision venturing out in the morning as it rained quite heavily in the afternoon, interspersed with moments of sunshine.  It was during an interlude that I was able to walk to the village shop and buy some supplies for tea as well as the ingredients for a birthday cake!  "Sea Breeze" stores as it is called stocks an amazing array of goods including gluten free items.  I even managed to buy matches and birthday candles, the lady behind the counter said, " We are the fourth emergency service!!" when I commented about being able to buy the birthday items.

Birthday Boy

 Happy Birthday Dave!  

All those years in the kitchen paid off since I was minus a recipe book and no Mr Google internet so it was a bit of this and that and the cake turned out beautifully moist, yay!

Barter Books

 Tea but not at three!  A very late elevenses :-)

 That boy loves his tea.

 This is what constant pain looks like :-(  No smiles and a very short fuse, oh dear!  If you are reading this mum, sorry for not being understanding when I was a terrible teenager :-(

 The kids bought themselves a book each out of their Christmas money from last year!  I also found some really good books for them to share that are very similar to the Enid Blyton mysteries.  We also bought Daddy a book for his birthday but shock horror, no book for me!!

On the way home we popped into Lidl to buy some fresh fruit and veg and Pip played in the garden whilst I made a big salad bowl for lunch.  The kids helped with kitchen clean up as I was completely wiped after being on the go and so I took myself off to bed for a much needed rest.  After another round of analgesics and a cup of tea I managed to prep the roast dinner and whilst that was cooking, we visited the local playground which is literally a two minute walk from the cottage:

 Someone is very happy to be out and about!

 Even Mr B joined in!

 Even the local WI have their own purpose built building.

 Walking home and trying to keep up with light footed Lottie!!  Not a chance!

 Hoping to visit the church tomorrow.

 The Lady of The Manor no longer lives here, instead it is now a series of self contained apartments.

 Back home just in time for tea.



Sunday, 25 September 2016

Northumbria :: Lindisfarne

This is our last jaunt of the year!  We are back in Beadnell, Northumbria but staying in a totally different cottage from last time.  The sea is not literally a stone's throw away but more of a hop-skip-and-a-jump-away!  The cottage is very quiet, with no internet access but thanks to the wonders of smart phone technology, we are using my phone as an internet hot spot, but shush don't tell Benedict :-)

Lindisfarne was on the itinerary today, for if we were to leave it to any other day, the tide times would be troublesome!

 St Aidan ~ Pip would have been Aidan Francis, had she been a boy!

 Pip is convinced that this is "Our Lady of Walsingham" and I have to agree with her.

 St Peter

 St Aidan Icon.

Both Benedict and myself have been the "walking wounded" within the party, him as a result of slipping in the gym a few weeks ago and landing sharply on his coccyx and me as a result of another Fibro flare due to all the stresses and strains of sickness, caring and travelling!  In all our married life which amounts to 28 years in a few weeks, we have never holidayed three times in one year, let alone within a month of a previous trip!  So when we caught sight of our favourite coffee house it was caffeine and analgesics all the way:

 "What's in that bag?"  A packet of freshly ground Pilgrim House coffee and another Pilgrim House mug for me, since my exisiting one is starting to wane as a result of constant use!

cheeky sparrow.

 Wrought Iron Loveliness.

We enjoyed our visit to The Lindisfarne Centre and the kids also enjoyed meeting a very friendly Labrador during our sojourne around the Island.  Praise be, there were no truculent kids, lost car keys or broken mobility scooters as in previous years, so I think I can hail this visit a success!

Soon it was time to make our way home, open roads and blue skies all the way:

 Lindisfarne Castle.

 The causeway on our return journey home.

 A safe haven for those stranded by the incoming tide.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

This Week

In amongst the usual round of appointments we managed a visit to an undiscovered place and a weekly get together with friends:

 Children's Opthalmology Department.

 Celebrating a happy outcome with Pip at The Whaletail.  Her eye sight tests came back clear which means that she does not run the risk of losing her sight as well as her hearing.  We are still non the wiser concerning the sensori neural bi-lateral hearing loss but I have learned over the years that we cannot expect an answer for everything that comes our way.

 A light saber dual on the lawn of The Abbot Hall Christian Conference Centre at Kents Bank.  This place has been a halfway meeting stop between ourselves and another family.  There is a play area for the kids as well as trees to climb and a reasonably priced cafe serving teas, coffee and cake.

Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan mentioned this place late last year and we finally found it this week!  It is situated just outside the village of Arnside and Pip spent a very happy afternoon on Wednesday tiring herself in the playground!

 We found the butterflies painted on the side of someone's car and sent the picture to Uncle Bryan to cheer him!  Butterfly spotting is a favourite activity amongst ourselves, since they are a loving reminder of Aunty Maureen.  Whenever we see a butterfly we send our love to Aunty Maureen in Heaven :-)

 "I know what you are thinking!"  We sure do spend a lot of time in coffee shops but when you are living with a disability that is just how we roll!

 One totally ace playground!

Speaking of Aunty Maureen ~ I used to pray with her every Thursday evening and since her death I still make that journey to Garstang and pray with Uncle Bryan instead.  We usually catch up with the week's happenings, remember Aunty Maureen and more often than not shed a tear or two.  The last two Thursdays however have been quite unusual.

  Every time I have walked into the lounge to sit in my usual chair, I am engulfed by the most wonderful scent of freesias and violets.  There are no flowers in the room, no air freshners, no polish and no perfume from a previous visitor.  Uncle Bryan does not detect the scent but he has at times felt her presence in the home.  That scent is just for me, a reminder from her that I am loved, by her and most importantly by God!  That I am not alone and although the days are often difficult, there is a hope in life eternal.  

That heavenly scent and that peace is priceless x 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016


The kids managed to complete their studies before lunch and a good job too as the humidity was very oppressive.  My headache started whilst I was at my weekly swim session and gradually progressed into the start of a migraine.  A rest after lunch and the appropriate medicine soon knocked it on the head!!!

Pip did a great job fetching and carrying and once I was up and about we enjoyed a lovely mid afternoon snack in the shade at the side of the house.  She then took herself off in the garden to play with "Witch" her long standing imaginary friend and a box of Lego friends, I managed to capture the moment:

 "Oh to be a kid again!"

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Beach Breakfast

Or, how to get a jump start on the homeschool day!  My hope last night was to pull this off and by God's grace we did it :-)  I packed cereal, milk, mugs, spoons and bowls; Pip and I then walked to Costa to buy two large lattes to share, she also asked nicely for some cornflake cakes and to her surprise I agreed!

 Once breakfast was finished, the rubbish recycled and Pip had scootered around, we then made our way down to the beach:

 Can you guess where she was heading?!  It was strickly a no getting wet day since we were minus towels!  She couldn't resist putting her hands in the water though :-)

 I think her words speak volumes.

 Me taking a picture of...

 ... him taking a picture!

 Dave capturing a shot of Benedict and I playing the selfie game:

 Don't ask me why but this photo hit over 43 likes on my instagram feed!  Totally wierd :-)

 Time to say goodbye.

Once home Pip and I made our way to the pillar box to post a very important letter:

This was then followed by maths bingo and cave art painting:

 "Oh no this is dragging on!"

 "I've told you before no paparazzi!!"

 "This is far more interesting."


Both kids also wrote about their trip to the beach in addition to reading aloud to both mum and dad.

When I look back on the pictures of today they make me smile because in reality they represent only a fraction of the story :-)  I lost count how many times I had to tell Pip to quit fussing or repeating over and over again instructions to Benedict.  They were not alone in the mistake making department and I managed to turn up to Pip's swim lesson at the wrong time and so she only had the last fifteen minutes of a thirty minute lesson.  She handled the episode with good grace and thankfully does not bear grudges!

As I type the dining table is littered with home school stuff and I still have my bed to make!  Keeping it real folks, keeping it real :-)