Friday, 25 March 2011

Counting My Blessings

Have been reading Ann Voskampfs book:

" 1000 Gifts, A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are "

In an effort to embrace "Eucharisteo", the thanksgiving, here is my take on the events of this past week:


Benedict woke at 3am with abdominal discomfort, by 4am he was vomiting and continued to do so non stop until lunchtime... so very thankful that, the diabetes remained stable and we once more avoided a trip to the children's unit.

Thankful for my rest time during my fortnightly acupuncture treatment, this and herbal medicine are helping to keep the joint inflammation under control.

Whilst I was out other family members were also engaged in much needed rest time:

 "See the little bunnies sleeping til it's noon...

... shall we go and wake them with a merry tune?"

Thankful for the early Mother's Day Flower's from one of my big girls, they provide colour and cheer at the top of the stairs.

 And here she is with her beau:

Thankful for blue skies and sunshine... three loads of washing dried to the bone and a chance for me to sit with a cup of coffee in the late afternoon.

Thankful for a full night's sleep, I slept like a log after yesterday's treatment.

Thankful for this new day and current moment of peace and quiet, save for the hum of the washing machine.  Pip and Dad are on a shopping and recycling errand and Benedict is sorting through his Lego. 
Another dry day and the chance to sort out the garage.

Benedict worked hard at Shein's and is making good progress with his maths.

A lady at toddler's commented on Pip's demeanour, her calm nature and gentleness with the other children.  I appreciated this lady's comments and was uplifted by her words.

Sparkly shoes for Pip and a chance to recycle her old ones at the shoe shop.  As a result of this particular scheme over 10,000 pounds has been raised for disadvantaged children throughout the world.

The garden maintanance work is coming along nicely.


Another chance to meet with my dear friend Bea and the children she childminds.  Pip loves seeing her little friends.

I finally have a haircut that is actually even!  I've had to switch hairdressers to do so, but it has been worth it.  The previous hairdresser had in fact cut one side two inches shorter than the other!!

Dad has made a start on the fence spraying, thus reducing workload for me. 

As Ann Herself would say: " All is Grace"

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Out Of Quarantine!

We finally have the computer  back!  It has taken three weeks of non stop hassle but we made good use of our time in the school room and around the home.  Hoping to post some pictures during the next few days.