Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More Snow Fun

Dave, Benedict and Sara made a combined effort in clearing a pathway at the front of the house and after the necessaries were out of the way, time to get down to some snowman building and ice house making.

 A pristine lawn.

Busy Bees.

The beginnings of an ice house.

The snow sculptures never did get finished numb fingers got in the way, however a good deal of energy was expended and that is what counts.  On the home front the house got tidied and the bedrooms done.  After tea despite hassling with a migraine the tree was eventually put up and other assorted decorations placed around the house.  Thankfully migraine short lived due to big doses of pulsatilla courtesy of a really good homeopath.  Have just finished helping Sara make Pip's birthday present, a pink rosebud tutu!!  Will leave you with  a snap shot at the day's end:

Red sky at night shepherd's delight.   

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  1. Such a perfect sky! Hope you are all having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas. :) Thanks for dropping in and saying hi, it's lovely to meet you.


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