Friday, 4 December 2009

Didn't We Have A Lovely Time...

...  the day we went to Arnside.  This was our promised treat for restarting pump therapy.  It was great to be away from the house and chores.  We were blessed with gorgeous Winter sunshine and interesting views along the journey:


I was spared the problem of organising lunches; I cheated and bought a fish and chip lunch from The Big Chip cafe.  I still had to remember the weighing scales since we are carb counting all the time!

Carb Counting In Progress


Pip was brilliant as usual, you can take this gal anywhere, she is so accomodating!  Here she is eating her lunch in the boot of the car!

After lunch Benedict, Pip and I strolled along the prom and called in to one of the quaint gift shops, we were able to buy Nanna H  and Grandad H Birthday presents.  Whilst we were engaged in purchasing, Dave had charge of the camera and took some great shots of the surrounding scenery (sorry about the joins - didn't bother with an auto panorama software!):

To warm up before the journey home we popped into a lovely bakery cum cafe and had gluten free chocolate krispie cakes and coffee for the adults, fruit juice for little man and Pip had her usual milk on tap!!

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