Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Trip To Clinic And Remembering A Special Friend

As arranged we had our second visit of the week to this place:

Here we met with our diabetic team, I like to think of them as the " A-team".  Between the four of us: Consultant Paediatrician, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Dietitian and myself( unpaid front line nurse) we usually manage to thrash out the difficulties associated with Benedict's diabetes.  I came away from the meeting hopeful that we should be able to make the pump therapy work and given time stabilise the condition which so readily dominates our life.  We have another follow up meeting on Monday and my clever husband has managed to upload the necessary software, so that we can download info from the pump and glucose sensor and glean an accurate picture of trends over the course of a week.  This should enable us to fine tune his basal doses further.

Leaving clinic Benedict pointed out this cheerful mural and as promised I whipped out the camera and here it is:

"The Weaver of Tales"

Coming home, I even managed to purchase a few Christmas presents, thank goodness!  This time last year I was super organised, mind you I had to be, I had a baby on the way!  This year presents have been bought in dribs and drabs but slowly, slowly the Christmas list is getting shorter.

After lunch of leek and potato soup and cheese toasties we wrapped up warm and headed over to the cemetry to place a birthday wreath for my friend Kȁcka.  She would have been 33 years today.  It is nearly two years since the Lord called her home.  It was through her I found out about babywearing; she could always be found with Ami strapped to her back/front.  She could be very outspoken at times and was unwavering in her opinions regarding birth, breastfeeding and organic food, yet she had a heart of gold.  She supported me through a miscarriage the year before Pip was born.  Not only was she a dear friend but she was also my prayer partner.  For months after her death I thought about her daily, yet as time has gone on and family life has been hectic, I realised today that the last time I had visited her grave was actually a year agon.  I know that she would understand.

The Birthday Wreath

Whilst Dave was reading one of our favourite holiday reads to Benedict, I was able to organise our nativity display for the mantlepiece.  The only other outstanding item of Advent decoration is the wreath for the front door.  In the past we have made an advent centrepiece of greenery, candles, ribbons and decorations; in our current family scenario it would be an open invitation for prying fingers, so the door wreath it is!

" The Legend Of The Poinsettia- Tomi de Paola"


Our Nativity Scene- the manger is empty of course and the wise men are still travelling!

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  1. Hi! You're a featured blogger on today's DPP!
    I was happy to stumble across your blog. I, too, have type 1 diabetes and I've on an insulin pump (which I LOVE). Blessings to your sweet little guy who has to deal with diabetes, and to you and your husband as you care for him!


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