Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Cup That Cheers

Nothing like a freshly brewed cup of tea to soothe weary spirits and warm the heart.  We had another really bad night diabetes wise.   Benedict's blood glucose ran really high for the early part of the evening and so extra insulin was bolused in at appropriate intervals and then typically he crashed around midnight and we spent another hour trying to bring him up.  He was not best pleased but can you blame him?  after all he was woken from a deep sleep and even the promise of jelly babies did nothing to sweeten his temper!  An hour later at 2am we were woken by him screaming with some kind of nightmare and could do nothing to console him.  In the end both he and Dave slept on the sofa's in the lounge... it was not a comfortable night for Dad.  So tea has been drunk in medicinal doses today, here's hoping we have a better night tonight.  Please God if you are listening do something to sort this mess will you?

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