Thursday, 17 December 2009

Light up A Life

This picture was taken outside the front of our local Hospice.  Our Shalom Prayer Group meetings are held here every Monday evening, where as a mixed bunch we worship, share and are truly blessed by the presence of The Lord.  The original St John Of God Hospice was based in Silverdale and ran by a community of nuns with the same name.  Sr Ainee Cox and Sr Callistus Barry were the two stalwarts who prayed and believed in God's Providence for the building of the current building.  There was many a time when the workmen needed paying and there was no money in the kitty, it was during these times that these two dear sisters were on their knees.  The result?... a cheque would land on the doormat of the convent for the exact amount required, now that is what I call true faith!!

Even though the community of nuns have long since returned to Ireland, their legacy of love and care still permeates this building.  The staff work tirelessly to support all those affected by cancer and the yearly lighting of the trees at the front of the drive, are a chance for loved ones to meet and remember those gone before.

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