Monday, 21 December 2009

Cleaning, Cooking and Crafting on Solstice Day.

Snow still lay in a thin coating today and what with the accompanying cold temperature it was definitely an indoors type of day.  Our first treat of the day was our delivery from Abel and Cole.  The driver was just pulling away from the top of the drive at 7am this morning.  As per instructions our veg, fruit, grocery and chiller boxes were neatly stacked behind the car.  For breakfast we had some of the organic Guernsey milk on our cereal and then throughout the day an assortment of the veg was made into colcannon, mixed vegetable soup and mushroom bake.

 Colcannon for lunch.

Mushroom Bake.

Mixed Vegetable Soup.  All recipes posted on The Kitchen Angel.

In amongst the cooking the washing machine has toiled away fairly quietly followed by the rythmic hum of the tumble dryer... not terribly eco friendly, but at the moment needs must.  Have managed to keep on top of the tidying and even cleaned the bathroom as per my chore chart!!  A first in ages.  The bedrooms are on the list for tomorrow, whether they get done remains to be seen!!  Whilst Pip had her afternoon nap I managed to work on Benedict's crown, having finished Pip's last night.  Officially they are birthday crowns, hence Pip's made in readiness for Wednesday.  Benedict eyed up the creation wistfully so I promised him one for being the Big Brother!!

A pink heart crown for a pink princess!

Benedict's crown, just need to borrow his head for sizing!  It will have to wait until the morning. 

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