Tuesday, 15 December 2009

"Tis A Gift To Be Simple...

... 'tis a gift to be free, 'tis a gift to come down where you ought to be and when you have found yourself in a place just right, it will be in the valley of love and delight."  This line from a song  came into my head as a result of a conversation with a friend earlier and then reading this families proposed account of their seasonal preparations:   http://ourunschooledfamily.blogspot.com/ 

Over the years I have felt increasingly perplexed by the mass consumerism associated with Our Lord's Birth.  He IS the reason we celebrate this feast, yet we have discarded Him with wrapping paper and mountain of to-do-lists that accumulate the kitchen work top.  As usual I have worked within our budget yet due to our own change in finances I have made a promise to myself that, more gifts from us will be handmade next year and I will not be above scouring the charity  shops and ebay for suitable bargains.

Right now I am on a damage limitation exercise with the dreaded diabetes.  I cannot stabilise Benedict at all.  We have changed basal rate again, yet I am still not in bed much before 1am.  We are having to carb count all meals and snacks and bolus in insulin at this time so school right now is out of the question.  As usual Benedict remains non plussed by the whole thing; he has built lego creations, read and completed some maths sheets today, so at least he hasn't sat around thumb twiddling!!  The house is actually peaceful as I type since Pip has gone to bed and Benedict is having a treat evening with one of his best buddies, Ollie.  At present they are up to their elbows in clay modelling, whereupon Dave will bring home their creations and fire them in the kiln in our workshop.

Sara is busy in the caravan finishing off another assignment.  She has been working incredibly hard at college and the fruits of her labour have paid off, she gained a distinction for her first briefing.  Well best sign off, the pots in the sink are calling and then there are presents to sort and cards to write.

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