Friday, 11 December 2009

A Visit From Jack Frost

Well the met guys actually got it right and we have been experiencing sub zero temperatures in this neck of the woods.  I know not as bad as the folks in America, Canada and other arctic regions but cold enough for us Brits and as usual we are ill prepared for such weather!!  Still it provided me with another chance to get outside and snap some pics:

My favourite image of the wispy clouds.

 A n-ice table!

A crunchy lawn underfoot.

Ice formation on our green recycling bin.

A flash of colour in an otherwise ice white landscape.

Sara babywearing Pip, ready for their outing to the local shops.

Whilst Sara very kindly helped Dave with Pip I was able to meet with  a friend from Benedict's school.  Deb's is a very talented knitter, she leaves me in the shade especially when it comes to fiddly designs.  I'm more of a give me a pattern and I'll follow it kind of person.  I think she and Sara would get on well, as Sara also is not afraid to think outside the box and come up with her own designs.

After my lovely time away from household concerns I walked the short distance from Deb's to meet Benedict at school and carb count his meal and give insulin.  I was instantly suspicious when his classroom assistant informed me that, he had been running high all morning.  Undeterred I bolused in the dose and waited the obligatory hour to see how his glucose would react.  Typical, I rechecked and his BM's had risen again, so the cannula had obviously failed.  So much for Benedict remaining at school for the afternoon.  I gave him a sub cut injection to bring him down and then once home gave a complete set change on the pump.  What a nuisance... I think I spoke to soon when I said thing were looking hopeful.  I have also had to increase his basal rate yet again at night, just hope he does not hypo on me in the small hours.

We have had some good things happen today I hasten to add.  Firstly I have had some success with ebay shopping and thanks to Dave's bidding skills have aquired some much needed trousers and a skirt to my wardrobe!  Again thanks to Dave I was relieved from cooking duty this evening and we had a lovely Indian take-away for our tea.  We also have an interesting weekend lined up with visits from my parents tomorrow and then some longstanding friends on Sunday.  It's like buses, nothing doing and then everybody turns up at once!!!  It will be good to see them all and would not dream of turning anyone away.  

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