Wednesday, 24 July 2013

We're All Going On A Great British Summer Holiday

It was Pip's end of year show for preschool and the theme was the title listed above, so we had, getting ready for the journey with:

Then there was a quick scrabble to collect all the belongings and board the preschool bus, to the backing track of:

When they arrived at their destination, they each had to find a tent!

They then went surfing with The Beach Boys before dashing for their umbrellas and singing in the rain with Gene Kelly!  Seeing the staff and kids having so much was a joy to behold.
We were then treated to a PowerPoint presentation of their achievements this past year and it was truly wonderful to see the kids in action, during a typical preschool day.  I know from the weekly newsletters that such a lot was accomplished each week but to see it in pictures really hit home how hard the staff worked, in creating a fun learning environment for the children.  The children each received a lovely named PE bag and a graduation certificate as a remembrance of their time at preschool.