Thursday, 19 April 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for blue skies and sunshine today

Thankful that Ben is wearing a CGM (continuous glucose monitor).  For the past month his diabetic readings have been all over the place, culminating in several consecutive days of multiple hypos.  Ben's new pump has a function whereby it will automatically shut down, if the sensor detects that he is running seriously low.  Needless to say he has been "alarming" all day!!  The worst bit was when I went to check on him before retiring last night, only to be greeted with a piercing alarm and the following on screen data, " I have diabetes, this is a medical emergency, call for assistance!"  At least I now know that should he ever be unconscious whilst simultaneously wearing the pump and the sensor, that all in theory should be well ;-) 

Thankful for the clothing bargains found in the shops today.  I cannot see the sense in window shopping and I only buy what I need, but the recent surge in temperatures was just the nudge I needed and some long overdue new tops were bought this morning.

Thankful that Uncle Bry called round and stopped for tea.  He is very generous and whenever I see him, he has usually bought some treats for us to share.  We had raspberries in our post lunch smoothie and strawberries with yogurt for our after dinner dessert.

Thankful that both kids are competent in the kitchen.  Benedict made a yummy vegetable and lentil lasagne for our lunch on Monday and moussaka for our tea.

Thankful for Poppy she never fails to make me smile. 

Thankful for some recently purchased active wrist splints.  I have had to use wrist splints in the past, but they had a steel rod insert and therefore doing anything with your hands was virtually impossible.  Knitting and crochet are my sanity savers, but over the past few weeks the pain in my hands and wrists has become quite wearying.  In addition to the fibromyalgia I also have joint hypermobility syndrome.  JHS is where the joints are super flexible and can work beyond the normal range of movement.  Some folk can have this condition and no symptoms.  Some of us have chronic pain and flare ups and in the worst cases the joint itself has dislocated.  Essentially the tendons and fibres surrounding the joint are working beyond their capacity in attempt to maintain joint stability, and as a result pain ensues. 
These new splints have enabled me to keep up with the crafting as well as moderating joint movement, a win-win situation ;-)

Thankful that Sara is making good post partum progress and that Oliver is such a chilled out baby.  She is well rested thanks to his sleeping for a good stretch at night, long may it continue!

Some pictures to share:

 Ben's yummy vegetable and lentil lasagne.

 Kathryn on Easter Sunday having fun with snap chat selfies with Ben!

 Oliver was one month old on Sunday and I got to have Grandma cuddles yesterday.  Love his hair :-)

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Woolly Wednesday :: Hydrangea Blanket

The labour of love hydrangea crochet blanket is finally finished :-)

 And with the left over yarn I am making triangular bunting for my garden shed! 
 Yes, remember the shed that was being built last year as a 50th birthday gift from Dave?  It just needs another coat of paint on the inside and then I'm moving in, with a camping chair, my blanket and bunting!  I will have to do a shed tour when it is all decked out and invite you over for virtual tea and cake ;-) 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Kids In The Kitchen

Pip was almost flying solo in the kitchen this morning as she made Rock cakes for morning tea.  Today's activity was a chance to meld cooking and science rolled into one! 
 We have been following an American science curriculum entitled, "Considering God's Creation" a place where scientific principles and faith beautifully meet.  This week she has been learning about the formation of the universe, the big bang theory and that behind it all is a creator that loves each one of us dearly.  The hands that flung stars into space were the very same hands cruelly nailed to the cross beam on a tree.  And those very same hands have our names carved into His palm, such is His love for us.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

This And That


Mary - Grace turned five on Wednesday, goodness how the time flies!

 Kathryn made the cake and it was delicious :-)  Lovely to see Our Lady in the background keeping an eye on our very own Mary!

Oliver Bear

 Pip met Ollie for the first time on Saturday.

I have been visiting on a weekly basis to help out, have catch up time with Sara and Grandma cuddles with Ollie Bear!  The following photos were taken on Thursday:

 My friend Sallie made this beautiful playmat/quilt, all the many different ways of saying "Hello!" throughout the world. The butterflies on the mat, were those from Sara's wedding dress!  Sara says, that Ollie loves looking at the cards and chatting to his toys ;-)

 "Goodness me, where did that bear come from?!"

 Our little bears first outing in Grandma's car.  We took a short drive down to the prom and had tea and cake overlooking the bay.  Here are some photos of Sara and Ollie on Monday in the exact same spot, courtesy of Grannie W:

Ben The Worker

  Ben has been involved with volunteering projects at our local water mill, assisting with the tours, serving in the cafe and assisting with grounds maintenance.  As a volunteer he also qualifies for expenses and so has enjoyed taking his mum out for a coffee treat after college on a Thursday!  Here he is having a well deserved break from serving tea and coffee after Easter Sunday mass at our home parish.

Other News

My job contract finished at the end of February, so I am back to crafting in the loft room.  I have plans to actually attend one or two local craft fairs with a friend over the summer, so hopefully this venture will prove to a worthy one.

Ben finally returned to college last week, so we are slowly trying to find our groove in the home school classroom.  He is working right through until the end of June, when he finishes for the summer.  I've already told Pip that we are working through until the end of July, so let the whining commence once July rolls around!!

In addition to volunteering duties, Ben alongside some of the other lads from Heron Corn Mill have been working on a music project.  He really enjoys the sessions, so much so, he used some of his birthday/christmas money to buy a small keyboard that links up to the computer and music maker software.  

Hope you have enjoyed the family pics and I'm now off to check up on those of you that blog x   

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Grandpa Meets Oliver

Oliver is two weeks old today.  There have been some really worrying post birth moments but thankfully both Sara and Oliver are making a steady recovery.  Since the kids were away on planned activities yesterday, Dave and I took the opportunity to pop over to Grange to see Sara and Oliver, and Tom too during his lunch hour!  We had a really lovely time and it was good to see them all:


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Welcome Baby Oliver

This little guy was born at 3:01 pm on Thursday 15th March.

Sara's labour started at 11pm on Tuesday 13th March, so it was a long, long stretch :-)  She did amazingly well and we are really proud of her.  There were a few hairy moments and I don't think I have prayed so hard in all my life!  Mother and baby are doing well and we hope to meet this cutie sometime soon.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Mother's Day Meet Up :: A Cat In A Case

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK.  It always occurs in the fourth Sunday of Lent and was traditionally a time when those working in service, were allowed this day to return to their mother church and spend time with their families.  We managed to catch up with our respective mothers and Kath and MG on Friday, so today was a Sara and Tom day:

 I made heart shaped scones which we served with olive spread and blackcurrant jam.  We met at our favourite place in Grange and interestingly enough this was the same place where Sara and Tom announced their pregnancy!

 39 weeks and a few days and so ready for Nutkin to be born, hope this wee one soon puts in an appearance :-)

Pip was most definitely not in the mood for having her photo taken!

 A Cat in A Case

"What do you mean,I'm not supposed to be in here?"

" Surely you can work round me, 'cos after all I'm not sat on all of the books and papers."

" Good, that's settled then, I'm staying put for the time being!"