Thursday, 6 December 2018

December Photo Project: St Nicholas

As usual the Tomten came to visit, but sadly not in their regular slot in front of a wood burning stove.  We all miss the burner and are saving the pennies to have another one installed at some point :-)

The St Nicholas treats were well received:

 Early bird Pip had hers made before Ben :-)

Pip should have been on a school visit to the zoo today but due to the bad weather it was cancelled.  Needless to say everyone was disappointed, but spirits were soon lifted when icon painting was the order of the day!  The usual maths and English lessons were given in the morning and then it was art in the afternoon.  The plan is to take a photo of the images and then convert them into cards to sell.  Pip has plans for her icon and that is to send it to Sr Emma in Spain.

Happy St Nicholas Day x


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

December Photo Project: St Nicholas Drawing And Gifts

Pip had fun drawing St Nicholas and writing a note for her best buddy Beth :-)  I am sure she will love to open her package on St Nicholas Day:


Monday, 3 December 2018

December Photo Project :: Chocolate Treats and A Yummy Breakfast

 Day Two:  Chocolate Treats

Debbie and Lewis visited yesterday.  The kids hung out and the mums enjoyed knitting and nattering!  We have a long standing tradition and the host family usually provide a simple sweet treat for afternoon snack.  For ease in working out the carbs the kids normally share a "twirl" bar but at Christmas and Easter we break with tradition and share a suitable alternative:

 These fairtrade goodies were bought from our newly opened Co-Op shop just down the road from us :-)  Insert a happy dance!  The shop is very impressive with a good selection of fresh produce as well as gluten free foods all at a very reasonable price and certainly comparable with the local Sainsbury in town.

 St Nicholas in front of the Advent wreath and waiting to be pressed into action!

Day Three:  Yummy Breakfast

Once the kids had been dropped off at their respective learning zones, Dave and I enjoyed a late and much appreciated cooked breakfast.  Once we had eaten, Dave spent some quiet time on the computer and I enjoyed some knitting time.  I have just finished the first Christmas sock for Benedict because let's face it, Christmas would not be the same without a pair of hand knit socks :-)

  A good day :-)

Saturday, 1 December 2018

December Photot Project :: A Festival Of Angels

I am hoping that this yearly tradition will kick start a commitment to popping in here on a regular basis.  I must admit I am still trying to find a new routine since moving just over six weeks ago.

We have had a fair number of busy days these past few weeks what with college/school attendance and appointments we are usually in the car at least five days a week.  I could do with a few more days at home and thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and over the next few weeks things should slow down, thank God! Our regular commitments are as follows:  Benedict attends college on a Monday and Friday and  Pip is currently in her third week at St Benedict's Academy.  She attends on a Monday and Thursday and a half day on a Friday, in between we continue with our home school studies.  In addition to the regular subjects of Maths, English, History and Catechesis, she is also studying Latin, Greek and French.  She enjoys her time there and already had a friendship base as we know another home school family that have been attending since the New Year.

On a cold and very damp morning, we dropped Benedict off at Heron Corn Mill for a volunteer day and we then made our way to Cartmel for a browse round, followed by lunch in Grange.  We had hoped to meet with Sara, Tom and Oliver, but sadly Sara was full of a cold and recovering from a horrendous migraine attack, despite this the three of us had a really lovely day.

 Acorn Montessori School, "Autumnal Angel."

Cartmel Art Society, "Art Angel CAS"

Cartmel CE Primary School, " Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow."

Cartmel Surgery, " Up Hill and Down Dale," Cartmel Doctors go the extra mile!

 Newton and Field Broughton W.I " Suffragettes Inspiring Women Down The Ages."

Recipe for a Festival Of Angels:

In January 2018, take one bonkers idea,
Mention it to one receptive vicar,
Discuss with one enthusiastic social committee,
Find one incredibly generous joiner,
Talk to the Guild of Cartmel Traders AGM,
Contact lots of Community Groups,
Beg, borrow, but never steal, contributions and assistance,
Allow to marinate, develop and grow for 11 months.
Open the Priory doors on November 30th and be Amazed :-)  

If any blogging friends wish to join the fun, the sign up link is posted, here      

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Mapping A Village

Using the book of the same title, we chose one of the activities and sallied forth on a sunny autumn day.  Pip did a great job looking for and drawing key landmarks and it also gave us a chance to explore one area of our village:

 The memorial garden just a stones throw from the end of our road.

 Georgian style houses built around ten years ago.  Whoever paid for an architect and a builder to construct these two delightful properties, isn't short of a 'bob or two!'

The basket ball court at the village hall, with a brand new playground in the distance.

 The village hall, our destination.

 Map One

 Map Two

Well done Pip :-)

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

It's The Little Things

Slowly we are finding places for things, organising areas and the house is beginning to feel like home:

 We now finally have a clock in one of the rooms!  The grey "bed" is Dave's Robo Physio bed.

 The inside door in the entryway has a lovely wrought iron feature, which is perfect for attaching twine in order to display cards.  With all the chaos of the move we were unable to display and appreciate Dave's birthday and our anniversary cards, so they too are included in the display. 

 In the same area is a shoe and slipper basket, Dave's walking pole, our magnetic white board and a basket of leaflets.  The white board is likely to hang on the opposite wall and our calendar/organiser will probably fill this space.

 The bookcase that used to be in our lounge fits rather nicely in our downstairs bedroom.

 I even have room for a knitting nook in the corner.  At the moment I am using a folding camping chair, but my intention is to find a small "tub" chair for this corner, preferably from one of the local charity shops.

 A selection of stuffed animals are guarding the area in my absence!

 A friend recommended " Joseph and Joseph" and their products are not only cheerful to look at but really well thought out design concepts.

Since the kitchen in the old house was really small, every nook and cranny was used in some way and as a result we actually had three utensil drawers and one deep pan drawer.  This kitchen is a lot bigger but not as well designed and we only have one utensil drawer.  This cleverly designed insert has meant that we have been able to fit in almost three drawers worth into one space!  Cool or what :-)

 We are now also able to store our crockery in the kitchen.  Most used items are placed on this tiered rack and the overflow is stored in a cupboard with the mugs, teas and coffee.

 This interactive world map has instigated many interesting adventures and questions over breakfast and lunch.  Pip has had fun finding our dear friends on the map as well as learning about new places and their habitats.

Only two chairs are currently displayed, the other two are housed on their side just underneath.  We have managed to seat all four of us round the table with just one leaf in use, but for more space we can pull the table away from the wall and utilise the extra leaf. 


Sunday, 4 November 2018

This Week

We celebrated All Hallows' Eve as per last year, with the kids dressed up as Saints:

 Our very own St Lucia :-)

We attended mass on All Saints' Day and for All Souls I made new picture bunting of those dear to us:

 My side of the family are on the left in pink, Aunty Maureen is in the middle and Dave's side of the family in blue are on the right.  Since I am a visual person this display is a timely reminder to pray for them and to also ask for their intercessions.

Yesterday we had a visit from Sara, Tom and Ollie.  It was the first time they had visited the new place and it was lovely to spend time with them:

 It has been a good week :-)