Saturday, 17 March 2018

Welcome Baby Oliver

This little guy was born at 3:01 pm on Thursday 15th March.

Sara's labour started at 11pm on Tuesday 13th March, so it was a long, long stretch :-)  She did amazingly well and we are really proud of her.  There were a few hairy moments and I don't think I have prayed so hard in all my life!  Mother and baby are doing well and we hope to meet this cutie sometime soon.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Mother's Day Meet Up :: A Cat In A Case

Yesterday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK.  It always occurs in the fourth Sunday of Lent and was traditionally a time when those working in service, were allowed this day to return to their mother church and spend time with their families.  We managed to catch up with our respective mothers and Kath and MG on Friday, so today was a Sara and Tom day:

 I made heart shaped scones which we served with olive spread and blackcurrant jam.  We met at our favourite place in Grange and interestingly enough this was the same place where Sara and Tom announced their pregnancy!

 39 weeks and a few days and so ready for Nutkin to be born, hope this wee one soon puts in an appearance :-)

Pip was most definitely not in the mood for having her photo taken!

 A Cat in A Case

"What do you mean,I'm not supposed to be in here?"

" Surely you can work round me, 'cos after all I'm not sat on all of the books and papers."

" Good, that's settled then, I'm staying put for the time being!"

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Woolly Wednesday On A Cold Winter's Day

The whole of the country has been hit by The Beast from The East (a cold wind from Siberia).  Thankfully we have been so far spared a red weather warning, but the temperatures did not venture much above 0C.  After having checked the weather we decided to make the short journey (40 minutes) to visit Sara and Tom.  I managed to finish three cardigans for baby Nutkin and given the extreme temperatures, they will be put to good use.

 Three gender neutral cardigans, although Kath did wonder whether I had an inkling that Nutkin is a boy!  To be honest I haven't a clue, but either way these cardigans will keep the little one warm ;-)

 This book is based around one of my favourite folk songs.

 My heart was cheered when I saw it and even though I'm only a few pages in, it is promising to be a really good read.

 A crocheted blanket should carry a health warning!! 
 I have had to take a break on this project for a while and then only work on it a row at a time.  When I was working on it continuously, the pain in my shoulder and down my right arm worsened.  In addition I developed a terrible pain in my neck and one morning I woke up and found it very difficult to move :-(  I am glad therefore that I have had knitting instead to keep me busy!

 Laughing at Dave taking a photo of me driving!  It was a challenge to keep the windscreen ice free and all I can say is thankgoodness for Aunty Maureen's sheepskin lined gloves to keep my hands warm.

 38 weeks today and so ready for this baby to be born!

 Pip having fun Tom and Sara's garden.

Once home we finished up some outstanding school work. I am happy to report that we have had two really productive days in the home school classroom.  A welcome change from a disastrous and miserable Monday!! We also had a last minute and much welcomed delivery of wood, so at half past five the kids and I were shifting over half a ton of wood in sub zero temperatures!  Within the hour it was all stacked and sorted and just in the nick of time as the snow once more began to fall.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

This Week

Both the steroids and antibiotics have done their job and Dave is back to his usual self, Praise God!

We have had a mixed week in the home school classroom with desk work, practical activities prompted by independent learning and visiting friends.  Ben and Pip have had enormous fun working on their own activities, Ben using music software to devise his own music and Pip making a series of Lego puzzle boxes and mini vending machines.

I have been keeping my ear to the ground regarding work prospects.  I believe that God is calling me to some form of chaplaincy work, so I have been looking at various training courses and making suitable contacts where possible.  As always it is a massive lesson in trusting God, which does not come easy to my nature!  Not being in control and knowing where I am going is at times unnerving but i'm determined with the help of His grace, to get out of the way and let Him do the work needed :-)

Dave and I visited Sara and Tom on Wednesday, she was officially 37 weeks that day and so from here on in, has the green light for a home birth.  I have been knitting last minute newborn cardigans for Nutkin and all being well we will visit again on Wednesday.  Sara has officially declared herself to be on maternity leave, so Tom will be gardening without her for the time being.  For some of the bigger jobs he will have help from either his mum or dad.

On Thursday evening we had a short visit from Uncle Andy.  He was travelling further north to see Mum and Dad H in Barrow.  He brought belated Christmas presents as due to family difficulties, was unable to meet with us at Christmas.  Dave and I were given a case of wine, and Dave also received a new mug for the workshop.  Pip was given a tattoo making kit and a jewellery making set and Benedict a table top football game.  The presents were much appreciated but the best bit was spending time with a much loved brother and uncle.

Kathryn and Mary visited today.  I forgot to take any pictures!  Sometimes it is good to just enjoy the moment. The kids played and I knitted whilst chatting to Kath, it was a really lovely visit.

It has been a good week and where there have been times of frustration or sadness, through God's grace, we have made it through the difficulties.


Monday, 19 February 2018

Totally Bonkers!

What a night!  Dave has a chest infection and an MS relapse so antibiotics and steroids have been prescribed.  Ben is on his fourth hypo and I have had an allergic reaction to eggs again!

However,  we have had fantastic support from the on call GP surgery and a dear friend offered to drive over to the on call centre and collect the medicines.  Earlier in the evening this same friend felt a strong urge to pray for us, little did he know at that time what was going on at this end!  God is good :-)

Off to my bed, with the hopes of a not too disturbed night x 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Down A Crochet Rabbit Hole

During the autumn and Christmas season I knitted socks, finished Christmas presents and made myself a cardigan.  And then I decided to make a crocheted blanket using an Attic 24 design and I am well and truly hooked!  Hence my absence here and anywhere else on the interwebs :-)

What more could I want?  Crochet, Cat and a Christian Podcast ;-)

It hasn't all been crochet and we have also managed to remain fairly focused with the home school work, college commute and my online contract, which ends in March.  I do however have some possible  work involving my parish church, so fingers crossed it will all work out. 

Happy As A Clam

 This was a well deserved afternoon of scootering and digging in the sand on one cold and blustery day.  Pip reminds me so much of Sara in her love of the outdoors and I can see her being involved in some form of conservation/outward bound courses when she is older.

Theory Into Practice

 Ben had an opportunity a few weeks ago to show Anna and Pip how to make enrichment boxes for Lollipop and Nutmeg, two very adorable Angora rabbits.  As you can see from the last photo the rabbits thoroughly enjoyed working for their food.  It was most definitely a win-win situation ;-)

Ben is on a mid term break next week, so no commute for me, hip, hip hooray!  We will be home schooling for part of the week, interspersed with an afternoon with friends and a day with family.  

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Garden Adventures :: Happy Mail :: First Communion Work

We had a mammoth trip to the library on Thursday and Pip brought home thirteen books to read, one of which was an adventure book by Bear Grylls
This resulted in a rucksack packed and some garden adventuring in between the hail showers!

 Happy Mail

A whole heap of goodness arrived this morning:  a scrummy bag of yarn for a crocheted blanket, a book on post partum self care which I bought for Sara (despite its well known healthful properties I think she might bypass a placenta smoothie!), the girl and the dog card from my lovely friend Sue
and a tree ornament, Christmas card and much loved yearly newsletter from my dear friend, Eva 

First Holy Communion Work
Both Pip and Flora are making their First Holy Communion this year.  As always Eva is a massive support with home school resources and when I asked her for advice regarding resources she pointed me in the right direction!  Once I had begun my search I even found a really good resource in the UK and so I feel happy about supporting Pip through this milestone in her faith journey.