Friday, 18 August 2017

Deliciously Ella Flap Jack

Two posts in one week, nothing short of a miracle!  We had a visit from Nanna and Grandad H today and I actually managed to remain upright for the duration of the visit :-)  I did immediately take to my bed once they had gone however!  After my rest I spent some time in the kitchen making some delicious flap jack.  This one is for you RONDIE, do you remember the times when we used to eat raw flap jack mix, sitting in the kitchen at Furness Park?  Happy Days, dear friend :-) xx 


Monday, 14 August 2017

Summer Shenanigans

Still here and still sick.  The last time I was this unwell was before Benedict was born!  I am either suffering from a major relapse of an existing condition or dealing with something new.  Either way it makes simple daily living tasks a challenge. Therefore  I follow a predictable routine of do one thing and then lie down and so on throughout the day.  I am just about managing to fulfill my work commitments but this then leaves me with little chance to do anything else.  The kids have been really great helping around the home, the pots are washed, meals made and clean clothing in the cupboards, so really it is all good.

Here is a photo round up of the past month:

 Visiting Sara and Tom in their new abode.  They have moved out of the basement of number one and are now living in the main part of the house.  This change came about as a result of Grandpa passing away last month but it is wonderful that the whole building is remaining within the family.  Tom's mum and Dad live in the top floors of this family home.

 Tom's mum and dad called in to say, "hello" and were just in time for dessert :-)  Home grown apples and blackcurrant for a fruit crumble.

  Both kids have been occupied out of the home during the course of these past few weeks.  Pip attended week one of a Mad Science camp at the end of July, followed by them both attending Heron Corn Mill for Flash Art workshops. Here are Pip's art inventions for the Mad Science Camp in July, she begins round two tomorrow!

Deliciously Ella With Friends:

Mum W loaned the book named above and Pip and I tried one of the recipes on Sunday evening.  It was a no bake chocolate and nut pie.  We omitted the middle of layer or peanut butter and a good job too, it would have been way too rich!  This recipe turned out really well although since being on the Wahls Paleo Plus diet, I have now found that nuts give me stomach issues, so I will be giving this one a miss in future :-)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Happy St Benedict's Day

Dave and Pip usually share Morning prayers together and whilst I was having a quiet cup of tea, Pip declared that it was a feast day today.  That can only mean one thing ... cake for afternoon tea :-)

As you will see from the photos the kids worked together as a team and the cake from start to finish was their creation.

My absence here has been due to a major downturn in my health, so much so it forced me to visit the GP surgery on Friday.  I have been struggling this past month  with all out crippling fatigue that usually puts me in bed several times throughout the day.  However just over a week ago I developed some weird neurological symptoms of numbness and pins and needles in both my arms, hands, legs and feet.  I have had blood tests done this morning and a further GP review is booked for Friday morning.  

Although the tingling is still present it is currently manageable and does not dominate every waking moment of my day.  Last week was horrendous with the nerve pain :-(  Here's hoping it is something that will fade quickly in due course.

Despite being unwell I have still just about managed to keep up with my job and so the links for the last two posts are below:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Fairy Day on St John's Day

There was no bonfire today since it was raining ... good old British summertime!  Still, this did not deter our plans for Pip's yearly Fairy Day. 

In true "Fairy Sparkle" style a gift bag and a card greeted Pip when she awoke this morning.  Sparkle had left a cute writing set and a yarn cake of fairy pinks and purples, dotted with fairy dust in between.  How did she know I wonder that Pip had been desperate for a pair of mum's hand knit socks?! 

After mid morning mass, Claire, Beth and Hannah arrived and the girls set to with their craft activities; they made heart shaped bags and fairy bracelets.  For our lunch we had hot dog sausages, veggie crisps, mini muffins and chocolate krispie cakes.  It was a lovely relaxed affair and Pip kept saying over and over that "this is the best day ever!"

Working on their bags.

 Hot dog sausages filled with genuine Coney Island mustard, or so it says on the squeezy bottle!

 Dave's half eaten muffin and krispie cake before he realised that he needed a photo for posterity!!  There is a hilarious video entitled "Instagram husband" definitely worth a watch!

 I have abandoned my sock knitting on the floor for the fairy dust fairy feet :-)

 Happy St John's Day :-)

Saturday, 17 June 2017


This is my new word of the year and aptly describes the current state of play at this end!  In between two horrendous terrorist attacks and a totally bonkers General Election, Benedict and I had our birthdays.  Mine was the significant half a century, *sniff* can I really be that old?!!  In my head I am a mere slip of a girl but the grey hairs and forgetfulness regale a  different story :-)  

I had all sorts of plans for my 50th, some forged two years ago but life issues got in the way and so in the event we had a quiet day at home. The children managed to get through a whole day without arguing and so peace truly reigned at "chez 22" and it was bliss.

   Some of the birthday bouquets.

Two weeks later Benedict turned fourteen on the 11th June: 

 A rather bleary eyed "Benedict Bear" being told to open his cards by Little Miss Organised :-)

Lemon Drizzle Cake for Breakfast.

Once we had washed and tidied round it was time to visit family at the newly refurbished Swan Hotel: 

 Benedict is super happy with his present from Sara and Tom.  Another Nerf Blaster to add to the collection!

 Grandma and MG colouring in some sheets whilst waiting for lunch.  Looks like "butter wouldn't melt" but that "little tinker" led me a merry dance during the course of the meal!  One great thing about grandkids is that you can hand them back at the end of the day, LOL!

My brother ( see the photo below) had us in stitches with a very funny jibe at my dad and his unwillingness to part with money, especially when it comes to purchasing a broadband deal!  My poor mum reads the blog from his smart phone and it is a challenge for sure!

He is seven years younger than me and for his "sins" is head of department for Maths, in an inner city secondary school an hour from our home. He has a cunning plan and hopes for  early retirement at some point!

 Sadly both my mum and dad were unable to make the meal due to ill health and so mum in particular has been waiting for this blog post since last week!  Sorry Mum!

Although the hotel has a five star rating I was very disappointed with my meal and for the third time in my life I actually refused to pay for my meal.  The prices were overrated and the food was not outstanding so I don't think we will be dining their anytime soon.

We have also celebrated another Little Flower's First Holy Communion, which was held at Ladywell Shrine:

 Four little flowers standing in a row.
  Pip is the last to make this sacrament which we have arranged to take place during our visit to Walsingham in August.

 Despite the grey skies on Monday we packed a picnic and visited a local park for a lunch break:

 Pip and Ben eating their lunch on the zip wire platform.  They pretty much had the park to themselves and then later in the visit Pip found a friend.

In amongst the attempts at home schooling, household tasks and coping with ongoing health issues, I have remained faithful to my work hours.  My latest blog post for the website can be found when you click on the red below:

Hoping you are having a blessed weekend x

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Is Your Blackout Really Black ..."

... and have you drawn the curtains? 

Yes, we are following the events of the Second World War with particular emphasis on The Home Front.   In addition to our small store of books in the home we will be supplementing from the local library.  We have also been watching a really great school's programme that aired when I was a child, " How we used to live 1936 - 1953."  The programme brought back fond memories for me and Pip was riveted ;-)

Pip learned how to mend a pair of trousers and she wrote a step by step guide outlining what she had learned.  Nowadays we are enthusiastic about recycling or even upcycling but there is still a case to be had for mending an item.  When we mend we are giving that garment a second chance ;-)

 A patch for Dad' jeans.
(note from DH, the first resolution of these pictures for some Blogger reason is poor,
but if you click on them, they become much better)

After having watched a few episodes of " How we used to live," we took our learning into the kitchen and made an eggless ginger cake.  There was even a chance to learn some  science and watch the  bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, mimicking the raising agent of an egg.  Needless to say the cake was also gluten free and dairy free.  We found the recipe over on THE 1940'S EXPERIMENT

 Weighing and Measuring.

 Arial View.

 Rubbing the fat into the flour.

 Yummy served with dairy free custard. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Fun Friday

We had a very unusual Friday full of surprises and fun. 

 First up I had an Instagram message from a blogging friend who happened to be in the area.  We met at a lovely tea room in Beetham, not far from the garden centre of our first meeting!

 Beautiful Celtic Cross.

A cottage that was festooned with foliage and flowers of all shapes and sizes.

 I would have loved to look inside the church but sadly it was closed.

 Outside the tea rooms.

 Inside the tea rooms view one ...

... and two.

 Having fun with the selfie mode on the flip screen, Gerry and Me :-)  Those tearooms are well worth a visit and they offer an excellent gluten free range. Due to its popularity it is advisable to book first!

The blue skies soon gave way to a steady stream of rain and in a last minute decision we hopped in the car and visited my mum for her birthday.  Tesco saved the day regarding the food and we were able to tuck into a decent selection of gluten free fayre. 

A lovely mum, nanna and great-nanna x 

Our third stop was a visit to Kathryn and Mary Grace for tea.  It was good to see them both but the visit was marred slightly by Benedict's blood sugars suddenly becoming quite unstable. As a result we left in haste and I was glad that we did because he had a horrendous hypo attack in the car and was quite unwell.  It really was a relief to be home. 

  Jorgen, a mighty eating machine bones, dog food, cuddly toys and wallpaper!  In short a tiny tearaway :-)  Good job, Kath and Mary love him!