Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Blue Skies

 At long last some blue in the sky, beats dreary old grey any day; a chance to get out in the garden and get snapping!  The view above is looking north on the left side of the bottom of our garden, I liked the whispy cloud effect.  This next one below is looking east to the right of the bottom:

Bamboo Fronds dancing in the breeze!

This shot is our bamboo at the bottom end of the garden:

Family-wise, Benedict actually made it into school this morning and he gained four house points for working extremely hard in class.  His blood glucose levels have been within normal range up until half an hour ago where he hypoed.  Despite that blip I have been pleased with his readings, mind you I think a lot of it is down to some dietary changes that I have made this week.  Will probably write a post on that when I'm satisfied that the tweeking is working

This last picture is one of Pip at the tea table with the left over remains of her salmon, roasted veg, colcannon mash and banana!  She actually went to bed without a boo feed this evening; she has been biting loads when I have nursed her these past few days.  I know there is another tooth on the way, still I hope this evenings change in routine is not a portent of things to come, this mama is not quite ready for those peaceful nursing sessions to end:-(

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  1. Hi, I saw Dave at school this morning and he said to come over here and have a look, I love all your photos, the kids are all so gorgeous :) And you have managed to make Lancaster look almost tropical lol. Glad Benedict is managing to get into school some times, if I can help out with anything give me a shout, I know there isnt much I can do but the offer is there incase. If you fancy getting out of the house over Christmas just send me a message and we can arrange a play date (either for the boys or for you, me and the knitting needles). Debs


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