Friday, 27 June 2014

What A Day!

I finally managed around four hours sleep before a wake up call from the kids.  The middle of the night duty was productive though, I made sandwiches for our lunches and generally finished some tidying and sorting.  As a result despite being absolutely exhausted we were out if the door in good time for Dave's appointment. 

 No sooner had I sat down in the neurology department I had an urgent call from school informing me that they would be taking Pip to the Royal Infirmary Hospital as she had suddenly deteriorated and needed checking over immediately!  She had complained of a headache earlier in the school day, but had been violently sick, was unable to walk and her temperature had shot through the roof!  Thankfully Dave was first in the queue and so it wasn't long before we made the twenty minute journey to the hospital.  My heart was in my mouth when I arrived at the accident and emergency department as I was not sure what to expect, thankfully all was well.  Her temperature had stabilised and although still being sick she was much more lucid.  A kindly nurse carried her to the door and she was asleep by the time we arrived home.  

In amongst all of the health chaos, I joined forces with other folk around the web and we badgered the home office, MP's, Kenyan Airways and anyone that would listen and at the last moment the proposed deportation was stopped!  This news really made my day!  Power to the people! 

Here's hoping for an uneventful night! 


  1. Poor little Pip! And poor you for having to go through this. Is she alright now? A fever in summer? Kind of strange. I hope it is nothing serious. Good that the deportation was stopped. Sending you a calming hug!

  2. Oh no, hope Pip is alright now :)

  3. Oh No! If it rains it pours eh? I hope Pip and you all are doing better now, and you can get a little bit of peace and time for recuperation. Sending love your way Lorna xx

  4. Hello San, there's so much to catch up with you on! It's been very busy and a bit distressing for you I think. In regard to Pip's bee sting, my sister reacts the same way. It's so good you were able to catch it quickly. And after the bee sting, all these other episodes. I hope it all calms down now for you and everyone will be strong and healthy so you can catch up on some sleep.Did Dave's visit go well to the doctor? You are always in our prayers and I send you much love and a big hug!!! and hooray for the cancellation of the deportation! That is definitely good news :) xoxoxoxo!


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