Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Eleven on The Eleventh

Benedict had a fab birthday and apart from deciding the meals for the day, he finally recieved a working Mindstorm Lego Robotics Set!  We chalked the older model and its incompatability with our software down to experience and bought this year's version the EV3, this will keep him busy for a little while methinks!

 Serious Lego Building.

 Sorted and ready to go.

 Artistic shot of the wheels!

 Looking quite grown up.

First model built, only another thirty to go!

Birthday Breakfast ~ drop scones, strawberries, cream and chocolate sprinkles.

In amongst all the birthday chaos, Sara was also having a wedding hair practise session with our hairdresser, Sam:

 Curly Girly.

 Sam, working some magic.

 Back View.

 Just Lovely!


  1. Happy birthday, Benedict! You do look older! And a great birthday party you have had!

    Lovely hair! When again is the wedding, was it September or August?

    1. The wedding is on Wednesday 10th September and so far we are on track and sorted, all that is left is for me to make a wedding dress!!!

    2. How daring! I would never ever try to sew a wedding dress. I am very sure it would not turn out. What kind of style are you thinking about?

    3. A very simple tea dress or 1950 style dress, definitely something I can manage! Also if I get stuck I have my mum in law to hand and she has been sewing and making clothes for many years.

    4. That is good to know, to have somebody to help, just in case.

  2. What a great birthday present! Happy birthday Benedict!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes x

  3. Wow, he is looking so grown up, a belated Happy Birthday to you both :)


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