Monday, 2 June 2014

Eric and Morecambe

Pip and I had a trip into the town that was made famous by this man, if you want to have a laugh, have a look at this; 

Our first port of call was the library, we had fun choosing books and settled into the newly refurbished children's area for a cosy read.  Pip's ulitmate treat was stamping her own books and goodness me there was a stack of them!

We then made our way to the prom and shunned our usual Costa and settled for a far more appropriate sitting down venue:

The sign that really drew us in was a pavement board announcing "gluten free cream teas"  and those were my opening words upon entering.  The  owner then sheepishly admitted that the sign was a little mis-leading as it was meant to read gluten free foods and then on a separate line, cream teas!  We had a laugh over the error and I assured him I would not be calling trading standards!!  They did however offer us some lovely gluten free toasted tea cakes and I had mine with a pot of tea and Pip had a fruit juice:

 Little Miss Independent!

I had a really lovely chat with the owner and his wife and in the course of the conversation, the topic of gluten free scones came up and I shared with her my recipe.  She is wanting to offer gluten free cream teas and extra cake choices through the summer months.   We will definitely visit again and Pip's verdict?

 A resounding success!

We just had time to pop across the road for a quick charge around the playground before the time ran out on the parking ticket.  Pip very quickly made friends with another little girl who was just seven and they were both the same height!  I think that wee lass of ours is going through a growth spurt!

 Monkeying Around.


As for other news my shop items were despatched to the pop up shop this morning and the lady collected and paid for her owl bag.  I felt a little flat leaving all the items for someone else to display, I think it was a combination of extreme tiredness and the uncertainty of whether or not this venture really will work.

This week-end alone saw me sewing through the night until 4am Saturday morning and then last night Dave and I were both up until 2am making labels with the shop logo and pricing!  I however did not get to sleep until 6am as Benedict had a middle of the night hypo followed by totally whacky high readings so I've survived on three hours sleep today! Needless to say I have been a little cranky!

I have however managed to source some much needed sewing supplies at wholesale prices and I made the first batch of headbands for the shop this evening.  The website is coming along nicely. There is a standard front page announcing that site is under construction and Dave has several layers hidden behind the scenes and he works on these daily.  I am hoping that there will be a "shop open" sign being displayed before too long.

Branding ~ shop name and logo designed by me and made by Dave using a CAD industrial standard package on the computer.

You might have heard the expression "money doesn't grow on trees"  but in our garden bags do!

 Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes on yesterday's post they made me smile!


  1. San,

    I love your bags so much! And Pip is such a beautiful girl. I hope you get some sleep soon. Coping on a tired day is very hard!

    1. I finally caught up with some much needed sleep! Thanks for your kind comments about my bags x

  2. We had some chuckles here when watching the video although we didn't understand everything. It takes a while to get used to a British accent.

    I love the owl patterns and I do hope that it all will turn out well.

    How tall is Pip now? Flora is still tiny, some people think she is just 3. She is not wearing her true size, but most of my children don't.

    What is Costa?

    Get some SLEEP!! And I hope Benjamin will be okay.

    1. Funny you called Benedict, Benjamin!! That name was originally on all his delivery notes, my midwife was very tired!

      Costa is a coffee chain similar to Starbucks and I don't know how tall Pip is but she is wearing aged 6-7 year clothing! When Benedict started school at four he was still wearing clothing that would fit a three year old and in comparison to Pip at that age was quite tiny. We do wonder if the diabetes has impacted on his growth although he too has grown quite a bit recently.

    2. I was also tired when I typed this! I don't really know a Benjamin, except one of my students two semesters ago had that name. Sorry about that. When Veronika was little people would call her Viktoria, even in the hospital.

      I thought you had metric clothes sizes, no? Flora wears 104 or 116, but not more.

  3. oh that skit made me laugh! my stomach hurts . . i was trying not to be too loud as everyone is sleeping . . can't wait to show it to the girls in the morning!!!! it's just brilliant!

    what a terrific day for you and pip. i miss our library days. we just don't get there like we used to. eric's cafe looked very nice! and i love the view of the sea from the playground. your logo and bags look fabulous!

    i must try to get some sleep now. we had to let jack go today. i miss him. of course now when i can get sleep . . i don't want to! i hope you do though . . and i will . . i'm really very tired.

    sweet dreams, san. thanks again for posting the comedy skit. it did me a lot of good.

    1. So pleased the sketch brightened your day!


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