Sunday, 1 June 2014


It was my birthday today and for once I actually managed to have a spell of peace and quiet!  

I received some lovely cards and gifts most especially a sweet little teddy from Mary Grace ~ she was a little reluctant to hand him over :-)

We enjoyed a birthday brunch at Frankie and Benny's.  As always the food was excellent and represented value for money, especially the free top ups of hot drinks!

Puzzle Time.

After leaving F and B's we took a circuitous route home which led us near to our friend Peter John's house.  It has been ages since we saw him and our surprise visit was much welcomed.  Whilst the adults sat in the garden drinking tea, the kids had great fun in the garden, building an impromptu den and chatting to a feathered friend:

Pip and "Casserole!"  

Time was marching on and it was soon time to leave and drop Daddy off at home, whilst the rest of us made our way to visit Debs and the boys.  The kids charged around the house and Debs and I sat in the front room drinking tea and knitting!  Despite the background noise of the kids, I actually managed peace and quiet here, hooray!  At snack time we had something different to our usual "Twirl" bars, the candles were lit and "Happy Birthday" was sung:

Thanks Debs!

Once home I had telephone conversations with the big girls including Sister Emma Maria in Spain and a visit from my dear friend Dorothea.  With Dave's help I also managed to finish pricing my goods for the pop up shop, so we are all systems go on the local outlet.  My next step is to make stock for the online shop as the website is almost finished, so it is likely to be another busy week in the loft space.


  1. Happy birthday, San! It sounds like you had a great day. I bet Debs' cake tasted absolutely wonderful! xx

  2. Happy, happy birthday, San! With all the dancing and company going on, I haven't had time to keep up here. Your birthday is exactly one month after Sybille's birthday, my blogging friend from the German speaking part of Italy. Pretty soon we will have Dorina's birthday coming up. I will write more soon, right now I am administering a standardized test to Miriam.

    Love and hugs to the birthday girl!


  3. Happy Birthday, San! It sounds like such a lovely day. The teddy from Mary Grace is very cute! Knitting, good friends and family and good food with no cooking make it special :) I send you a big hug!

  4. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day :)


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