Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Seven Days Catch Up

Pip recovered enough for Debs and I to visit woolfest.   We had a fab day, looking at and occasionally hugging the yarns!  We met with a group of ravelers   some of whom were local to us and thanks to Debs taking along one of my handmade project bags I "bagged" another sale!  That makes two so far, just in case you were thinking I was well on my way to making my first million!!

  In addition to purchasing some yarn, I bought a yarn dyeing beginners kit, a book on hand dyeing and some undyed wool.  A few summers ago I had a bash at dyeing some yarn using food colouring and apart from being a whole heap of fun, it was interesting to see the colour combinations forming as the yarn steeped in the basin.  My interest now is another way of providing something handmade in the shop which does not require me being welded to a sewing machine day after day.  In order to match any competitors I am basically working for peanuts and for very long hours too, often way past midnight and this is now taking a toil on my health.  Yarn dyeing is a fairly easy way of making a unique product without taking up too much time, so some colour therapy is the order of the day over the next few weeks.

On Monday we had a trip to Blackpool for an educational assessment for Benedict.  He worked through a series of tests in the morning and afternoon with a break for lunch.  His assessor was a lovely, gentle teacher who was encouraging and caring.  We are still awaiting her report but she initmated that,  dyscalculia is indicated as well as one or two other issues.  It is a relief to know that his difficulties are not due to my incompetent teaching or his unwillingness to learn!  I am sure we will be using and paying for her input during this next school year, so that we can support Benedict in the best way possible.

After swimming and tea on Tuesday we had a visit from Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan and we picked our redcurrants.  This year we picked 18lbs and 7oz!  Plenty of Jam for us and some spare to share, Benedict has labelled the first batch with minecraft stickers!

I cannot remember what happened on Wednesday but on Thursday Dave had his physio appointment in Edinburgh, Benedict had a swim session with Shein and Pip was as usual at school.  I worked in the loft room finishing some rabbits and embellishing a t-shirt for Pip with a cupcake design.  The kids were great helping around the house with chores and tea:

The felt withstood a wool wash in the machine and the ribbon trim kept its shape too.  I might offer something similar in the shop, as it is an easy way of individualising an otherwise plain t-shirt.

On Friday Benedict had another swim session, his third of the week and needless to say his water confidence has improved immeasureably.  It is such an encouragment to see him coming away from those sessions with a smile on his face.

Today has been gloriously sunny and a good job too as Pip and her fellow rainbows had a pirate day in Silverdale.  All day yesterday and through the night it rained, hard but the ground was dry by ten this morning and she had a fab time with her troop.  

 Raring to go and at the end...

... Pirate Pip completely pooped!  Priceless!

Well that is me caught up and now off to bed x 



  1. So nice to hear about your past days! Don't give up hope for selling more items. Your bags are so lovely! I hope you will be able to go to bed earlier than midnight.

    And you found a supportive teacher for Benedict. That should make you happy also.

    Red currants are very rare here. At one time they were forbidden, but now some people have them again. My mom made red currant jelly every summer. We loved it!

    And lovely T-shirt for Pip, the tired pirate :):

  2. What a great week you have had. Hope you can find someway to make your business work, San within the limits of your families health.

  3. Ha ha! Love that last photo!
    The cup cake applique is fab too. x

  4. Hello San! You've been so busy with such wonderful creative projects. It's great you did the assessment for Benedict. And Pip is an adorable pirate. They've been picking red currants at Sturbridge also. They make pie and "shrub," a drink made with water, red currants, sugar and vinegar! We return home tomorrow and I will write to check in with you about having Chanda visit :) I hope you've been getting good sleep and everyone is having good health. I send you a big hug . . (P.S. your garden is just lovely).

  5. San,

    I loved how you hugged the yarns! I do things like that. I have an online friend who dyes wool. Her yarns are glorious. I love feasting my eyes on the different colours and imagining what I could make out of them. I hope you find a hungry market for your own dyed wool.

    I enjoyed hearing about your week!


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