Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Meet Rosie Rabbit

Here is the latest creation from the "Knit One Stitch One" workshop:


 Side View.

 Button and button hole close up.

 Sitting Nicely.

Rosie is made from a redundant pair of Dave's linen trousers.  That guy is famous for putting holes in his knees, it's all the floor play he does with the kids, that plus hard wood flooring throughout!  Her body is stuffed with regular toy stuffing but since I was running low and wanted to road test this design for the shop, I decided to use rice for her arms and legs! This version is definitely not child friendly!!

Her dress is made from left overs of my skirt and is fully lined in cream, with tiny cerise buttons for the fastenings.  She is also wearing a pair of cream bloomers to keep her legs warm and preserve her modesty!  I had loads of fun making her and she will be a good companion for me in the workroom.

My next task is to source some good quality linen and sheep's wool for the next batch of bunnies.  Joining in with Nicole and others over at The Keep Calm and Craft On blog link up.


  1. Wie lustig! (How funny!) We have a teddy bear that looks similar to your new friend. Should I e-mail you a picture? Good that she has some bloomers. All our dolls also have underwear or bloomers or both.

  2. P.S. We have a little birthday present for you, Flora picked out the color. She thought you would like that particular combination. I haven't found a good container to send it in, it is fragile. So, please, be patient. I will send it as soon as possible.

  3. I absolutely LOVE her! She is so cute and so beautifully stitched!

  4. Oh I love her! Totally gorgeous!

  5. So cute and funny! Love the "peering out under her hat" look!

  6. She is lovely! I bought a big bag of sheep wool from Myriad when I made A's doll two years ago. You have seen all the things I have made since and I have hardly made a dent in it! You have reminded me that I have a big bag of raw wool sat in my garage that needs some attention. If you are ever up this way you are welcome to some of it, needs a wash tho'!

  7. She is adorable - well done.

  8. She's gorgeous, San. We all love her :) You are so talented!


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