Friday, 27 June 2014

The Night Shift

It's been a while since I did one of these!  Benedict has had five hypos in the last twelve hours and the last two have been in quick succession very late on in the evening, hence my still being up at 1am!  Bless him, he was ever so good as I had to wake him twice to treat the crashing lows.  Looking back on the evening though, it was unusual for him to sleep walk twice in quick succession and I am now thinking that his bloods dropping must have caused the extra bout of moving around.  Benedict often sleep walks but never more than once in a night, how on earth he has not fallen down the stairs is beyond me!

Despite the hiccups today, we have had a pretty good week, the highlight being our St John's Day tea in the garden with friends, followed by rosary prayers later on in the evening.  Benedict did all the catering: 

Leek, Courgette and Potato Soup

Glamorgan Sausages, Baked Potatoes and Greens

Honey and Almond Cake, served with Strawberries and Cream

The food was five star and thoroughly enjoyed by all:


 Cheeky Dad!

 Aunty Maureen.

 Uncle Bryan.

After dinner coffee and chat.

Benedict and Pip both had their swimming lessons on Tuesday and Benedict also had an extra swim session with Shein this morning instead of the usual maths lessons.  He really enjoyed his time in the pool and his confidence is growing.  I have said that I will tag along to some of his extra sessions with his swim teacher Gemma.  I can swim but I lack confidence in the pool and the last time I went swimming was when I was pregnant with Benedict!

  For various reasons I did not learn to swim until late primary and when I began high school education, I had a nasty accident in the deep end and hated swimming lessons from that moment on.  Once swimming lessons were no longer compulsory with the school, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. As a result of my bad experience, I always made sure that all the older girls could swim quite confidently before they attended compulsory lessons in school.  Benedict was attending lessons quite regularly up until last year, but with all the chaos with Kath's pregnancy, my Dad's heart attack/surgery and a worsening of Dave's health, the lessons fizzled out; still we are back on track and that is all that matters.

Pip is tired again and she is ready for the summer break I think.  We had a hilarious start to the morning ~ it was half past seven and Little Miss PJ was sleeping soundly, which on most days is unheard of!  Dave went in to gently wake her and her loud reposte was a peach:


Such a shame it was not a Saturday morning :-)

Today I managed to clean and de-clutter the upstairs of the house and keep on top of the laundry.  After tea I worked in the loft room for a short while, made packed lunches for later today(!) as Dave has a neurology appointment in Preston, covered the diabetic watch and wrote an email letter to Theresa May MP regarding the deportation of an elderly woman, I also took part in an online campaign highlighting her cause entitled #AllGransMatter:

 Rabbits in the making.


Time for sleep methinks ~ night, night x 


  1. Wow, what a wonderful meal Benedict cooked, well done him. Hope the diabetes calms down enough for you to get a good nights sleep :)

  2. San,

    I hope Benedict is okay, and you're catching up on your sleep.

    Leek, Courgette and Potato Soup... Our favourite soup is Leek and Zucchini (our name for Courgette) which also includes potato. I bet our soups taste very similar!

    1. Yes I bet they taste the same! This is one of our favourite soups.

  3. Normally people don't really fall when they sleepwalk, I believe. Jonathan once sleepwalked in London and was about to leave the apartment and walk right down the road!! We caught him just in time. I once sleepwalked as a child and had a dream about placing my prayer book on the floor. When I awoke I found my whole huge bulletin board down on the floor. During the night I had taken it down and placed it in front of my bed. I sleepwalked a lot as a child and also talked in my sleep. Not anymore, though.

    Your St. John's tea sounds so lovely. You even managed to do the Rosary (we did the Rosary tonight with our prayer friends).

    I love swimming. I learned it late, at age nine, but I just love it. I even took it in high school when we had to choose one type of sports that would train endurance. None of my children can really swim so far because there is no good pool here to learn it. The college has a pool, but it is freezing and the swimming lessons are so bad! I haven't given up. though. We practiced a bit last year in Germany and Jonathan is doing quite well, but the others still need to practice a lot.

    You sound much more organized than I am. I am not on top of the laundry and I have one room in our house that is a complete mess (still left over from the flooring project).

    Pip's comment is funny. Maybe she already felt sick, though.


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