Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sun - day

Well I guess it was bound to happen.  After a week of rescuing two bees from the house and wanting them as a pet, it was a case of third time not lucky.  So at 8 am this morning I was woken to the shouts of  "Pip, has been stung by a bee!" 

 Dave was already on the case and soaking her hand in vinegar and  aside from falling out of bed in a daze, I sent Benedict downstairs with lavender oil and then began hunting out the homeopathic remedy, Apis.  Within forty five minutes the combination remedies had worked, and a make do ice pack was working on a significant swelling, good job she was not wearing a ring!

 Hugging snowy and an ice pack to relieve the swelling.

 I think she had been stung at the top, where she wanted a plaster placing but the swelling travelled down her finger and the base was incredibly hot and swollen.  She was very brave and this has not quashed her desire to keep bees when she is older!  She reminds me so much of Sara!

We have spent the entire day outdoors. eating meals, airing the washing, reading, knitting and painting.  It has been ages since both the kids decided to paint together; they found some sun coloured paint and worked on an old piece of wooden crate packing to celebrate the official start to summer:

 Making a start.

 Lots of lovely red.

 More Red.

 "Oops, I have splashed Pip with some of my red!"

 Adding Yellow.

 "I'm watching you!"


 Going Solo.


Once the painting things had been tidied, washed and left to dry.  Benedict had fun discovering his old trike from when he was small.  This led to a discussion about clowns in the circus!

 "Look Ma, I can still ride this!!"

Happy Smiles!

Pip also wanted to join in some circus fun, so out came the face paints and a beautiful ...

... butterfly emerged.

Well ,despite living outdoors today the house is still crazily chaotic so I am now off to do a mammoth tidy up before bed :-)



  1. Hope you got tidied up San :) My boys love to paint outside too, and on much sturdier for lovely thick paint! Hope Pip is completely recovered from the sting now xx

    1. Yes I did tidy but was in bed very late!

  2. In spite of the bee, it all turned out well. I also like to use Apis. I am quite allergic to bee stings myself. So nice to see the two of them do something together! Would you like to come to our house and help with the clean up? We need it too :)>

    1. Yes it was nice to see the two of them working together, bit like the old days. I would have loved to pop by and help clean!

      When i was typing this post, the Skype button had been left on and a message popped up to say that Peter was on line! It was around 8pm our time, so I guess 9pm his end? He was obviously catching up with you guys.

      Love to you all

      San and co xx

    2. Yes, that must have been our Skyping time! We normally skype around 2:30 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. our time, that is 9:00 p.m. his time, and 8:00 your time. Too funny! He noticed your Skype address and had no idea who that was. Then I reminded him :).

  3. Wow, how Pip has grown and changed. A wonderful post San :)

  4. Ahh, lovely outdoor fun!
    Sorry to hear about the bee sting but glad to hear it hasn't put Pip off :)


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