Friday, 6 June 2014

Arnside Knott and Beach

The weather was actually decent enough to venture forth outside today and so we went on an adventure with our family friend Fiona.  Arnside Knott  was our destination.  We found an exisiting den left in the woods and added another layer and extended it slightly:

 We then took a walk up the hill to catch a view of the surrounding countryside and shore:

 Wild Strawberries.

 Across the shore.

 Rain Catcher it must have been put there first thing this morning as it was empty and rained loads yesterday!

 Looking across to Grange where Tom's parents live, we sent them a wave!

By now it was time for lunch and so we packed up and made our way down to the shore:

 Setting out the picnic things ~ we found this fleece sleeping bag liner in the back of the car courtesy of Uncle Bernard, so useful and so this will be washed and put back in the car.

 Blood Testing.

 Arnside Viaduct all newly repaired.

 Arnside Village.

We came home and I crashed in the garden and slept whilst the kids coloured and kicked a football around me! 

A good day!


  1. what a beautiful day, san! and isn't it nice to connect with good friends? i often need to close my eyes in the afternoons for a bit :)

  2. This looks like fun! And no rain, even a bit of sun! That must feel so good. The girls keep talking about we should go to the lake (just a small one close buy) for swimming, but I keep telling them that it hasn't been warm enough :). Do you ever go swimming in the ocean?

    Happy Pentecost to you!

    1. I am not sure about the cleanliness of our beaches and so we stick to paddling! Also I am not much of a swimmer, Benedict is booked in for refresher lessons and Pip is starting lessons next week. At some point I need to tackle my dislike of the water and sort out some top up lessons for me too!

    2. Do other people swim there? There are quite a few swimmers at the German beaches. I love swimming, too bad you don't like it.

  3. San,

    What a beautiful place for an adventure! I really enjoyed looking at your photos. Your landscapes are much better than mine. They have lots of depth. (I'm still experimenting with my camera.) An afternoon snooze in the garden sounds perfect!


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