Thursday, 19 June 2014

Edinburgh Day Two

On our way to the park this morning we passed the Build A Bear Workshop;  the doors were flung open wide, beckoning us in:

 Super hero costumes including Star Wars characters, hmm, this could spell trouble!

 Rows of frou-frou.

 The fill your bear area.

As you can imagine the kids were completely sold on the whole idea and since they were paying out of their own birthday money, I couldn't really grumble.  So first up you choose your bear and then you help the assistant add the stuffing:

 Pip working the pressure pump.


 Checking to make sure the bear feels right.  Pip's job was to check that she was cuddly enough before being sewn together.  I don't think it hurt!

 If you are a keen Star Wars geek, then you'll know that this is a Jedi costume, Obi Wan no less!  Benedict chose a super pup for his creation and thankfully I managed to discourage him from adding a pressure pad on the paw which would have played the Star Wars theme tune!

 Registering Obi.

 Pip waiting for Sam Bear's Birth Certificate!

After such excitement we decided to pop across the road and visit the Church of St Cuthbert.  Apparantly there has been a place of worship right in the heart of Edinburgh City for over thirteen centuries, but today the church was not welcoming visitors, it was holding Music Exams instead!  

Whilst Dave had his second treatment at the clinic, the kids and I sat in Waterstones reading books and after a gluten free lunch at the corner cafe, we made our way back across town for our second visit to the National Museum.  We still did not manage to see everything, this place is huge!

  Interactive learning zone.

 Pip making a Chinese Dragon Mask which we then emailed to our computer back home.

 The wonders of 3-d scanning machines.

 A busy bee robot picking up blocks and...

... spelling a name!

We managed to catch an earlier train home which was great since we were all shattered and  I had forgotten that Pendalino trains make me feel very sick so I am still up late into the evening battling with nausea! Ah, well! :-)


  1. The Egyptian priest looks very distinguished. I have to show Veronika the church since we had a story about St. Cuthbert.

    1. We are returning to Northumbria in a few weeks and I have hopes that we can journey along some of St Cuthbert's Way. We will also be back in Lindisfarne, yay!


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