Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Edinburgh Day One

We had been promising ourselves a field trip to Edinburgh for weeks and finally managed to make a visit.

  Whilst Dave had his treatment at the physio clinic, I took the kids on a quick hunt for a dress for me for the wedding.  In spite of the extreme heat and the travelling they were very patient with me and although I did not purchase anything, I made a note of some suitable items and will look online.  I had originally intended to make my own dress, but I will be making Sara's instead!  She hasn't had much luck finding a dress in the style or material she likes, so it made sense for me to step up to the challenge and make her a dress of her choice, gulp!

After Dave's treatment we visited the National Museum of Scotland and enjoyed a look around the natural world exhibits aswell as other stand alone displays dotted around the foyer on each level.  By then it was time to check in to the hotel for tea, followed by a trip to the park across the road before bed.  The kids settled very quickly!

 Waiting, not long now...

 ... two minutes later.

 Reading and knitting, this could have been a train yarn along!

 Waiting for Dad in the cafe on the corner, literally across the road from the treatment rooms.

 A cool welcome respite from the heat outside.

 Big Bang Film.

 Another tea stop!

 A post dinner supper time treat in Princes Street Gardens, across the road from the Premier Inn.

 Pre-bed quiet time and knitting therapy for mum!

 View from our window.


  1. That is a big whale! Jonathan liked the train. Is Dave's treatment going well?

  2. Regarding the treatment it is a bit difficult to tell. There was a small improvement earlier on in the course and then there has been a massive hiccup with me having to work which has had a knock on effect on both mine and Dave's health. We are also currently experiencing quite hot weather and although heat is great for my joints it is not good for Dave and the MS symptoms.


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