Saturday, 21 June 2014

Midsummer Madness

As is our tradition Pip had her fairy day yesterday.  She attended school as usual for a half day and then after lunch it was all hands on deck preparing for our visitors; Beth from school came with her mum Clare, little sister Hannah and baby brother Ted.  We were blessed with glorious sunshine and the fairies had great fun flitting around the garden!

For tea we had cheese and sweetcorn stuffed potatoes, sausages, vegetable sticks and dips, fruit salad and the customary fairy cakes.  I was so busy I forgot to take a shot of the table and it was only at the end that Dave remembered to photograph a lone fairy cake on the plate!  We also had a visit from the fairies and the girls were pleased with their gift of a tree fairy and a sticker book.

 Getting ready to fly!

 Fairy Dancing.

 A picnic under the trees and fun on the slide.

 Benedict entertaining Ted.

 Our Midsummer Fairy hiding a pile of treats...

 ... surprise!

 One lone fairy cake!

 Pip's latest companions all the way from Scotland, Snowy The Owl and Sam Sunshine Bear.

That's it for parties for now, the next big gathering will be the wedding and thankfully I am not required to provide the catering!

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  1. Such a nice day for all! We also have fairy wings like that. I have to get them out.


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