Sunday, 15 June 2014

Party Time :: Bowling :: Minecraft

Dave had a very busy but very satisfying Father's Day, spent with a gang of lively kids in the superbowl and then in the garden with a minecraft scavenger hunt.  He was cutting and pasting the scavenger hunt chests at the superbowl, whilst our friends Debs and Sarah were keeping an eye on the kids bowling!  I was busy at home cooking in the kitchen ~ four home made pizzas, a tray of glamorgan sausages, baked fries, one birthday cake and a large bowl of fruit salad with ice cream.  We were so not organised and yet despite this, all the kids declared that the day was a roaring success!

 Kathryn and Mary-Grace also came to stay and Kath was a big help ferrying Dave and the kids to the superbowl whilst I worked in the kitchen.  MG really enjoyed Grandpa's home made porridge!

 Having Fun.

 Team Work.

 Pip and Jack playing air hockey.

The minecraft geeks totally got this and there were suitable nether noises and chuckles upon entering!

 Looking for clues...

... which also involves looking menacing with a broom and a stick!

 Robin and Pip waiting to trade ~ R was crowned The Minecraft Champion at the end of the day, needless to say he was very pleased!

 Scavenger Sheets.

Ollie and Dave working together and Jack is wearing a home made minecraft t-shirt from his brother Lewis' party a week earlier.

 Partners in crime!

 End of the day light relaxation ~ a batman game on the wii.

 Blowing out the candles.

 A Minecraft Creeper Cake.

A well deserved end of the day sit down for the party girls.


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