Sunday, 21 February 2010

Weekly Round Up

It has been a mid term break in these parts so we shut the homeschool for the week and did our own thing!  Not that we ceased learning, after all we learn new things all the time, young and old!  Here are some pictures of our week:

Jen and Catherine trying to put Pip's slippers on and true to form this little gal would not sit still! We always have fun when we visit these special friends!

Setting the table with pretend food, pizza by the looks of things.

All togged up ready for our walk with Aunty Maureen, our goal was threefold: controlling blood sugars, appreciating the blue skies and sunshine and looking for nature on our walk into town.

Interesting art displays dotted around the Tourist Information Centre.

Celebrating Art and Music.

Benedict pretending to be the bird!

All smiles!  We had just been admiring the view of a snow capped fell.

Berries for the birds.

Our evenings have been spent reading, knitting and in Benedict's case junk modelling!  This little chap loves nothing more than a roll of sellotape, pair of scissors and assorted odds and ends:

Harry the diesel.

An assorted obstacle course!


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