Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Trip To Town And After Tea Baking

 This morning Benedict and Pip helped with the on-line shop, trying to find the best buys with mummy's help of course! We had difficulty logging on to Education City but managed to register our interest with Mathletics and are awaiting further instruction from them. As Home Edders we get a good deal and can purchase a year's subscription for £10.00 as opposed to the normal fee of £39.00!!

After lunch Dave and Benedict ventured into town for haircuts and health food shopping. Benedict's reward was a drink in the local whole food cafe. The trip out really lifted his spirits and he had lots to share when he got home.

The dinner table conversation extended to the workings of the central heating system of which Benedict appears to have a good working knowledge! A baking session was next on the list and following the instructions in "The Kids Cookery Book", Benedict and Sara made the tropical carrot cake recipe. The remainder of the evening has been spent in the workshop tinkering with bits of wood and metal.

Weighing and measuring

Whisking and mixing

The recipe was from this kids cookery book  

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