Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Trip to the Garden Centre, Art and Building a Weather Station

We made a much needed trip to the local garden centre to buy our stock of seeds, ready for Spring sowing and hopefully Summer/Autumn harvesting.  Using the seed packets as a guide Benedict copied some of the writing and accompanying drawings as part of his handwriting practice.  Here is a photograph of his efforts:

Our next activity was constructing the weather station.  This was a Christmas gift from cousin Sue and Dave and Benedict had great fun piecing together the various components.  As of today we have an outside thermometer attached to our back kitchen window, a barometer on the inside kitchen window bottom and an anemometer (which measures wind speed) on a garden chair on the back lawn!  There's plenty of wind whistling round the house tonight so I bet that last little gadget is whirring like crazy!

Piecing together the anemometer and Benedict testing to see if it works!

Our happy engineer with the finished product.

In-situ and ready to go!

We also had a visit from Nanna and Grandad H and Uncle Andrew.  Benedict as always loves seeing other family members but the highlight of his day was being carried around on Uncle Andrews shoulders, it's amazing what you can see from such a great height!

Hmm are they discussing the dust on top of the bookcase I wonder?!

Sadly Uncle Bernard was unable to visit but he sent Benedict and Pip their Christmas presents!  And true to form Uncle B was spot on, Benedict's is a Meccano set for building a space shuttle!  A handy hands on activity linking with our on going Space project.    

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