Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Sociable Day

Benedict has had several hypo's since yesterday and since his concentration is always affected as a result, our focus today has been practically based.  This morning Benedict helped with the supermarket shopping, weighing items, reading labels and asking for goods at the deli counter!

After lunch he helped clear the table and then played with lego upstairs until it was time to wrap up warm and spend some time in the garden.  Both him and Pip enjoyed the fresh air, playing with the toys, exploring the frozen water butt and wheel barrow and observing and listening for birds.  It was Pip's first time in the garden as a toddler and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan also popped in for a cup of tea and brought some bird watching DVD's.  We will enjoy watching them and in doing so improve our bird identification skills, which in mum's case are very basic!  Here are some garden pictures of today:

A long suffering baby sister experiencing her first bike ride with an over enthusiastic big brother! 


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