Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Leighton Moss Nature Reserve and Musical Mayhem

"Today we went to look at soom birds and got sum hunny" Benedict.

After breakfast we set forth and visited a favourite haunt, Leighton Moss Nature Reserve. We were short on time so watched the birds from the coffee shop windows! The male and female Mallards are very tame and waddle around happily at the entrance to the visitor centre. They also cope very well with an over enthusiastic Benedict chasing them round and round!!

Our next stop was our friendly wood suppliers where we bought our usual supply of wood and as promised some honey from their well stocked apiary. Benedict loves our visits to their garden and wood, it is a real treasure trove of interesting sights and sounds.

After lunch we used a number line for addition and subtraction. I must admit it was akin to a teeth pulling exercise!! Note to self any actual written work needs to be completed in a morning! Benedict's reward for his efforts was the last chapter of the Horrid Henry book and then he read to me: Sir Otto, a leapfrog Rhyme Time Book.

Not to be excluded Pip herself is coming on in leaps and bounds, she loves playing with the stacking cups and was quite delighted when she discovered that, pressing the buttons on the toy telephone resulted in a cacophony of noise!!

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