Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Fun

We actually sat down to "school" at 9am this morning, fully clothed not still in our pyjamas!  First up was the next book in The Oxford Reading Tree scheme entitled"The Laughing Princess"; Benedict read confidently and as usual enjoyed the accompanying illustrations.  We then spent the next 30 minutes working in the primary maths book and to follow on from  earlier in the week, we were still counting in twos.  I could see this was still a problem so I set Benedict an independent task and worked on a visual aid to hopefully help with this current difficulty.

  The task that I set was choosing an activity to reinforce the passage we had just read in " The Way, the Truth and the Life Series".  Benedict chose to draw a picture of himself and then narrate ways that he could spread happiness to others.  His answers were:  Give money to people in Africa so that they can buy food, help look after Pip, help in the house, visit the sick and do as I am told.

An hour and a half had gone by since we had began working so I called time on our formal learning session this morning and Benedict disappeared upstairs to play with his lego.  Whilst we had been in the front room Dad and Pip had been in the lounge playing with the wooden jigsaws and stacking cups.  Whilst Benedict and Pip were happliy otherwise engaged I made mixed vegetable soup for lunch, followed by bananas and custard as a treat.

After lunch Benedict disappeared into the caravan with big sis Sara and two hours later proudly displayed this marvelous creation

Trying to look fierce!

Back view.

This was then followed by making a den for both him and Pip

After tea and baths we opened a package containing these:

I vaguely remember using these at school when I was small. 

Benedict was instantly drawn to these tactile wooden rods and with enthusiasm began working through the suggested puzzles.  The first was making different lengths of trains using the rods, what a great activity for this train mad boy!

Spacial recognition and adding and equals.

The reverse process, having to find two rods that will match the already given answer.

And what was Benedict's take on all this...

...this picture says it all!

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