Monday, 8 February 2010

3-2-1 Blast Off

There was astronaut trouble this morning (Benedict was physically sick with high blood sugars!) so take off was delayed until after lunch!  Once he'd brightened and had managed to eat a light lunch, we set forth on the first leg of our space odyssey!  Benedict read excerpts from his Space Discovery Book and this then led to him copying the astronaut picture inside.  He originally had decided to omit the labels accompanying the drawing but when I explained to him  their importance in giving the reader much needed information, he proceeded to write with enthusiasm and care.

Whilst he was engaged in his own mini project I cut and glued the base for our " Black Hole" board game.  It looks to be a very informative and lively game; all the cut outs and design are courtesy of NASA.  I've still yet to print there educators booklet- I'm sure it will be a very useful resource.  Here are our pictures of the day:

Hard at work

Showing the front cover of his book: a multi-coloured, multi-functional robot

The completed base of the Black Holes game, it's amazing what recycled cardboard and sticky tape will do!  

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  1. Hi Benedict
    I am your mother's friend. I live in Canada and that's very far across the ocean from where you live. I am a teacher so I am very interested in all the interesting things you do with Mummy and Daddy and Sara. I really love your drawings. I think you really like to draw because your pictures are better than the ones my Grade One students did. One time my class did a book about space travel. We made one big book for the whole class. They drew pictures and together we printed sentences about each picture.


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