Monday, 22 February 2010

Maths, Hot Chocolate and Feeding the Birds

Our homeschool opened this morning and we set to with our Maths workbook.  Benedict worked on "Tens and Units" and counting in two's, fives and tens.  He found the counting quite difficult and it became obvious that, we found our first gap in his maths learning.  We used a number grid to help him count and he was able to see patterns forming.  It is likely we will use this counting system as a guide for practical work for the remainder of the week.  He finished his morning studies by reading The Treasure Chest again; he seems to have really developed an interest in reading and will voluntarily bring books to share with either me or Pip.

After lunch Dave, Sara and Benedict went on a jolly to collect wood for the fire and visit the birds.  He is now currently in the workshop with Dave tinkering with metal and wood just before bed.  It has been a good day and it was lovely that this morning he said, " I really like homeschool mummy we get to do interesting things!"  Here are pictures from our day:

Number grid for fives and tens

Colour by numbers.

Feeding the birds.

Big sister helping aswell.  The reward for feeding this menagerie, was a well deserved hot chocolate with marshmallow topping in the visitor centre and another chance to watch the birds from a picture window.

Pip not wishing to be outdone also had time in the garden, boy was it cold, brrr!

A mountain climber in training... this gal takes after Grandad N , I'll have to buy her crampons and an ice axe for her next birthday!

A Thomas jigsaw just because.  

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