Monday, 1 February 2010

Our First Day

Benedict used small bricks to assist him in some basic arithmetic. He enjoyed arranging them into patterns and looked for number patterns in his answers. He's enjoying the Horrid Henry series and I am currently reading aloud: Horrid Henry's Christmas Cracker. I'm not sure if it is such a good idea since I caught him trying to emulate Henry by putting a loaded tub of bricks on top of the door! It was nothing short of a miracle that Dave actually escaped concussion! The story did however spark a concerted effort to write and illustrate his own version of events.

Benedict sorting the bricks

Benedict's version of Horrid Henry

After lunch  Benedict worked on some of the Maths and Science programmes available from Education City. We are currently on a three week free trial but so far things are looking promising. He is quite happy to work independently and asks for help when required. We had hoped to Garden later on in the day, but the weather was against us, so we read books instead.

After tea Benedict has spent the evening in the workshop with Dad tinkering and making Lego models.

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