Monday, 1 February 2010

A Trip To The Park

In an effort to control blood sugars and hopefully tire out one lively chap, we have been attempting a daily walk.  Local to us we have a small park for little one's, so a visit here broke our  daily meanderings yesterday:

Pip's wearing a serious expression but she did enjoy her swing!

A view across the green

Our Guardian Angels must've been working overtime as I decided to take a circuitous route home, only part way round did I realise that I had no blood monitor or hypo treatment if needed!!  Thank goodness I'd remembered my phone, so called Dave and asked him to come and get us in the car.  Several minutes later he phoned me back and asked me to check my coat pockets, eek I had both sets of keys!!  Nothing for it but to put our best feet forward and offer a huge prayer that we would get home safely.  We were so relieved  to see the smoke coming from the chimney and once in Benedict's bloods were checked and he was just hypo free!!  Three jelly babies and a plate of cheese and chilli wedges soon sorted him and mummy learnt a big lesson that day, always remember emergency supplies and take only one set of keys!!

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