Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Are The Children All In Bed?...

 ... for now it is 11PM!!  Nope, not a fat chance!  Postman Pat was the order of the day here at chez chaos last night when Benedict was on his usual I'm not going to sleep mode and rather noisily disturbed Pip in the process!  Princess Pip had of course already had four hours beauty sleep and was ready to party!  She decided to put her hard earned climbing skills into practice and got into the toy basket for a closer peak of the televisual feast.  I know what you are thinking, why didn't she move the toy basket?  If I did that, she would then have had unlimited access to the surround sound system, set top box, DVD and Video players!  So I decided to take a snap shot of her achievements instead:

Taken with flash

Trying to grab a remote control from the fire guard  

As I write Benedict has been in bed since 6:30 PM which is unprecedented and Pip settled at 7PM her usual time.  Am I dancing around the dining room table with whoops of Yes!?  NO... I'm not going to count my chickens, I will breath  a grateful sigh of thank you God when we have made it though to the morning, hypo free and not bleary eyed!!  Until then I'm enjoying  the peace and quiet.  I'm off to sit by the log fire with a hard earned cup of tea!!

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