Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Quiet Day

Benedict woke with big time snuffles this morning, so we cut ourselves some slack and let the day unfold naturally. At the close of the day I can report that: lego and knex constructions have been made and remade, we've observed the bird activity from the comfort of a cosy room( a pair of nesting Blue Tits, Starlings that went crazy for the coconut feeders, a Robin and some Greenfinches) and Ring of Bright Water was watched with much joy and enthusiasm. The film has led to the making of an impromptu Animal Sanctuary and the toy teddies, dogs, badger and deer are being treated for various ailments! Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies have been liberally dispensed alongside tissue paper bandages. Welfare reports have been written and the inmates have been fed!

We will hopefully watch the making of Ring of Bright Water tomorrow as I had great difficulty explaining to Benedict that, although Midge the Otter dies in the film, it does not mean to say he was killed in real life. I'm also hoping to borrow the book from the library as an additional read aloud during the forthcoming weeks.

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