Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Creative Spirit

Still opening presents at this end.  My brother and his wife sent these lovely gifts:

His smile says it all!
Make your own finger puppets.
Pip found all the relevant pieces and I added the glue and she fixed them in place.  The glue that came with the set did not work so we had to resort to super strong adhesive which was not kid friendly.  Still it did the job!
Well done Pip!
Ready to tell a tale.
Tea and Knitting.
Sara busy working on Pip's multicoloured sleeveless cardigan.  She devised the pattern herself and watched a you tube video on this particular stitch known as a "honeycombe stitch."  She's spent this evening weaving in the ends and will add the ribbing to the armholes, neck and front band tomorrow.
Benedict and I listened to episode three of A Christmas Carol ~ The First of The Three Spirits.  My intention was to work on the accompanying questions but I could barely keep my eyes open, so off to bed I crawled.
  We had a particularly rough night with Pip as she was awake between the hours of 2am and 4am.  I think genuine hunger had prevented her from settling when she woke in a light phase of sleep.  Her appetite had been poor thoughout the day and I'd wondered  if she was sickening for the gastric bug, thankfully she was OK but it was no surprise when she woke.  It was a shock to wake this morning and find the alarm clock announcing the time of half past nine!  The extra sleep was welcomed but we've all been disorientated today.


  1. hello san, so often i'll sit down with m and c to watch a movie and i'll fall asleep . . . it's rather pathetic sometimes!!

    that's a great pic of benedict smiling! and i can't wait to see pip's sweater. the honeycombe stitch is so pretty. sara is very talented! you all look very cozy in your pretty home. happy fifth day of christmas :)

  2. Happy pictures of busyness (is that a real word??) !! Pip's puppet theatre is adorable, she looks so pleased with it :-)

  3. Hey!

    I clicked on your blog from the GP Forums - really enjoy reading through some of the posts so far and love the photography too. Looking forward to reading more :)

    Kendalxx (MamaMake on the forums)


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