Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day ~ Seaside Fun

I think we might have set a new tradition.  It was all the girls together this morning!  We left Dad at home preparing a yummy christmas soup and Benedict snuggled with a hot water bottle and ventured forth to the seaside!

 Pip drew a picture of Daddy in the sand...
... and threw stones in the sea.
She also scooted up and down the prom  and Sara and I attempted to keep up with her!  It was a good job we kept moving as the wind was bitterly cold and I'd forgotten my hat!  Nevermind, we soon warmed up in our favourite coffee place.  It was relatively quiet when we arrived but the place was positively "jumping" when we left:
Orange juice and crisps, for Pip.
Salted caramel latte for me and ...
... one for Sara.
We just had time to call in at the playground and ...
... found this cheeky chappy sat on the roof of our car!


  1. What a nice outing! Do English people still celebrate boxing day with any special customs? I have some vague memories from my English lessons in school that there was something. Canadians also have boxing day, but I don't remember anything special there.

  2. I think it harks back to the time when landed gentry used to give boxed gifts to their servants. It might have also been a time when the servants had a day off to visit their families. Nowadays it is just an excuse to have another day's annual leave from work!

    1. You know, Germany also has a second official Christmas holiday, but it doesn't get a special name and there are no special traditions that come with it.


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