Saturday, 8 December 2012

DPP * Day Eight ~Saturday Breakfast and Insulin Pump Failure

The day started well.  By eight o'clock we were all sat together at the breakfast table:  peppered tomatoes on toast and breakfast juice, followed by porridge served with cream and sugar and coffee for the grown ups:

Extra fizz for me ... effervescent vitamin C!
After breakfast Dave, Benedict and I collected more wood as a very cold weather front is heading our way... so the meteorologists say!  I also popped into the health food shop for propolis tincture and garlic tablets.  Once home I headed off to bed as I'd been up since four with constant coughing, very wearying.
We've had a bit of drama tonight with the insulin pump.  Essentially the motor has failed and this means no insulin delivery.  We do have pen injection insulin in the house but have spent the last four hours trying to get a qualified medic to access the dosing requirements.  We contacted our local hospital as well as the specialist team in Leeds which is over two hours away.  I have to say we were getting pretty desperate and had already worked out a potential dose should we have to fly solo; it was such a relief when finally one of the registrars at Leeds rang and confirmed the dosing requirements for the next twenty four hours.  Interestingly their recommendation was the amount we had calculated.
Finally at 11 pm I was able to administer some long acting insulin and pack a very tired Benedict off to bed.  My next job is to contact Medtronic and since we do not have twenty four hour cover in the UK, my call will be diverted to America!  Life is never dull at this end! 


  1. Do I see Bonne Maman jam? If so, we eat the same jam. When I was eleven years old, we spent three weeks in Provence. My parents discovered that jam and took a whole bag back with us to Germany. Now you can buy it even in the States!

    We also like our oatmeal with cream, except Veronika; she neither likes cream nor oatmeal. It takes her over half an hour to finish her bowl. She doesn't like the consistency of it.

    Great work in figuring out the right insulin numbers. Maybe you don't need a doctor anymore :). I hope it will the pump will get fixed soon.

    Wishing you more quiet days.

    1. Yes it is Bonne Maman jam, the blackberry version!

      i'm so glad we sorted his insulin. It's incredulous that the medics didn't know what to do and that there were no protocols in place for such an incidence.

  2. the orange juice looks delicious. we've been eating clementines this past week. i love clementines and chocolate. we also eat oatmeal for breakfast . . almost every day! morgana and chanda love it with cream (and maple syrup). i love cream and brown sugar, especially in such a pretty blue bowl (isn't that the blue willow pattern? my mom had a set when i was growing up. i loved staring at the picture. there's a wonderful book called _blue willow_ by doris gates which is one of our favorites. i think you would like it.)

    it's never a dull moment! i'm glad all worked out well. have a wonderful second sunday of advent, xoxo.

    1. Yes it is the blue willow. We inherited some of it from Dave's Aunty May, we normally make her treacle toffee every bonfire too. I must admit it wasn't initially one of my favourite designs but I've grown comfortable with it over the years and so when an aunt was getting rid of her set, we took it on!

  3. Glad you were able to sort the insulin out. Hope the pump gets fixed quickly.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are all so under the weather. What a worry for you that the pump has failed, hope you get it sorted soon.

  5. Just catching up with blogs, as I have just got my computer back from the "fixer"! Sorry to hear things are not going well, you are all in my prayers, Julie xx


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