Friday, 14 December 2012

DPP * Day Fourteen ~ Christmas in The Kitchen

I actually managed some treat baking and making this morning.  I've been hopelessly disorganised and didn't manage to make a Christmas cake earlier in November, so I made Delia Smith's "Last Minute" cake this morning instead!  In fact I made two, one to share for "Make and Cake" tomorrow and one to save for Christmastide.  I also made the customary Peppermint Bark:

In the tray.
  Boxed and ready to be given to friends.
A treat also arrived in the post.  I'd been wanting one of these for ages and decided to order one earlier in the week:
Here is our Angel lighting our tea table and here is Benedict trying to dodge a photo opportunity and not quite managing to do so!
 Here she is on a different camera setting, can't for the life of me think which one!!  It's late, I'm tired!
Really trying not to feel harassed but am suddenly acutely aware that this Advent really is short, eek!


  1. Yummy looking baking. I must go and look up peppermint bark. Looks lovely.

    Lovely angel too :D

    Have a lovely Christmas hun :D

  2. I have never made a Christmas cake in my life, have never understood the attraction myself it is far too rich for my liking. I usually stick to a marzipan fruit cake where you make your own marzipan and mix in the cake, delicious and gooey!

  3. Love your Angel. Try not to get stressed, remember whats most important is the love you give your kids, not, all the gifts that last a short time and the food!!

  4. That's a very pretty angel! You know what, you are not the only one being not ready for the holidays. I haven't done any baking for Christmas and we are not done with our Christmas crafting! I think everything will be late this year. Love from NY!

  5. unfortunately, i have found that the older i get, the more behind i get!! or, some years i'm ahead with some items (like making calendar gifts through shutterfly), and other years i'm behind (like, this year those calendars have still not been made!). this year i'm pleased that i've already done some holiday baking. greg was in the kitchen last night pleased as punch that he could have a butter cookie . . and then he asked, "where's the peppermint bark? can we have peppermint bark this year?" well, i guess that's next on the list of baking, now that i've finished with all the teacher gifts. i don't mind making peppermint bark. it's quick and fun . . and the girls usually break up the peppermint for me . . by the way, san, how do you break up your peppermint?

    i've always admired the wooden candleholder angels, also, san. i'm glad you put one on your table. it looks so pretty, and i love the pic with benedict peeking through. for the life of me, i can never remember camera settings!!! i think we need to carry a little notebook around to jot these things down . . (!) or maybe make it an exercise to remember one per day. i often think to myself that i'll work on it when we're no longer homeschooling together.

    good luck with the rest of your holiday preparations! take each moment as it comes and if something isn't ready, just let it go and continue on with something that can be ready . . i'll be thinking of you and doing the same thing here :)


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