Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Dickens Of A Tale

Well, I always have hopes of posting every day in December for the DPP and each year I reach a block somewhere in between, but that's OK!  I've been busy wrapping presents, finishing last minute items including birthday prep for a little girl at the weekend and attempting to keep up with some kind of "homeschooling!"

Benedict and I began a "rabbit trail" yesterday.  He had finished his on line maths activities and I wanted something with a Christmas theme to tied us over the rest of December, so yay for schools radio and "A Christmas Carol."  We listened to part one yesterday and then using the teacher's notes we worked through the questions together.  Benedict gave some very thoughtful and credible answers, in  many ways he and I are so alike.  It was uplifting to share quality literature together and it boosted moral on both sides no end.

I attended the last "Make and Cake" of the year and it was my turn to provide the tea.  We had mince pies and mini chocolate logs courtesy of Sainsburys(!) and peppermint bark from me.  I decided against taking the Christmas cake as I'd not had time to "feed" it with brandy and was slightly worried it would be it a bit dry.  Not to worry we have one for Christmas and one to be turned into a "Simnel" cake for Easter!

I was blessed today to read that my lovely friend Dorina had received her package from me; thanks to the internet I have made some lovely friends and there words as they drop into my small corner of cyber space are truly appreciated.  As a result of reading her recent blog posts I was reminded that we hadn't made Latkes and so they were on our lunch time menu today.  We had them with applesauce but sadly no soured cream, they tasted good anyway.


We stocked up on wood for the burner this afternoon.  We are trying to reduce our heating bills by not using the central heating as much and relying on extra warm clothing, hot water bottles, hot drinks and our lovely wood stove!

Diabetes wise we have entered a slightly turbulent period and Benedict has had several hypos these past few days.  This translates into justified grumpiness and tears, on his part not mine ... makes a change!




  1. Peter is also reading "A Christmas Carol" to the children. Do you know this picture book or this one about Dickens? The Latkes look good, similar to German potato pancakes.

  2. hello san, i hope all has been well and you had a good birthday celebration! eva is right about the latkes. i grew up eating them as german potato pancakes. my mom would make them often and my dad and i would sometimes have contests to see who could eat the most!


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