Thursday, 13 December 2012

DPP * Day Thirteen ~ Colouring with Nanna

My mum and dad made a flying visit today, dropping off cards and presents.  Pip had a lovely time with Nanna, they spent a good while drawing and telling stories:

Pip sharing her art work with Nanna, who was also explaining to me about Pip's birthday money and the various envelopes in the bag!


  1. What a happy day for all of you! How far do your parents live, San?

    1. They live approximately fifty miles away so it's just over an hour one way door to door.

      It was a bit of a rushed visit as my Dad was full of a cold and since he's the only driver, it's too much for him to be driving back in the cold and dark. Despite this it was lovely to spend time with them and hopefully we'll pop through sometime soon.

  2. hello san, spending time with nanna is so special. it's nice that they don't live too far and can pop by.

    when i was growing up, both sides of my family were all within 30 minutes of each other. christmas day was nice as we would stop by an aunt's house for tea and then come home again. now everyone is so far away, and traveling at holiday time to visit can be a bit difficult.

    happy santa lucia day. we made lussekats this morning.



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