Thursday, 6 December 2012

DPP * Day Six ~ St Nicholas

As is customary we left our shoes in front of the fire and Benedict left a note stuffed inside his shoe:

L-R Sara's biker boots, Dad's slippers, Benedict's trainers and Pip's pink shoes.  I was the last one to bed so I hadn't at that point added my slippers!
We woke to find coins for everyone and for the younger members two pairs of slipper socks and the customary reading book.
Benedict was eager to read the reply from St Nicholas and then the conversation went like this:
B - How come there wasn't the small box of Lego, that I'd asked for, you know The  Lord of The Rings?
Me - Remember St Nicholas relies on others to continue the good work of gift giving and we do that at Christmas time.
B - Yeah, I forgot about that ... pause ... now I remember, it'll be the same as last year.
Me - The same?
B - Yeah, the present fairy silly!!!
Oh to be a child again!  By this time Pip was downstairs and was surprised to see the items stuffed in her shoe.  She was especially pleased with her stripey socks:

... and enjoyed eating one of her gold coins.
We opened the appropriate day on our Jacquie Lawson advent calendar courtesy of Dorina
Thanks for thinking of us!
After breakfast and clear up time, Pip and I rolled up our sleeves and made our speculatius biscuits:
Mixing and Stirring.
Rolling and Cutting.
Whilst the sweet biscuits were baking, I made some cheese dough to make star biscuits:


They were a great addition to our leek and potato soup.
Pip who is usually such an enthusiastic eater refused her lunch and had hardly touched her breakfast, it didn't take me long to work out what was going on, for she was suddenly sick everywhere!  Thankgoodness for washing machines, tumble driers and wooden floors.  As I write she has been in bed since 6pm which is incredibly early for her, I do hope she sleeps soundly as the rest would do her and me good ~ she has a poorly tummy and I have a streaming cold, I'd give Rudolph a run for his money any day!
A quiet afternoon was the order of the day and we managed to keep warm by the fire and watch our planned treat for the day, "Miracle on 34th Street"


  1. Oh - just come through from settling James to sleep and realised we forgot about our Alpine calendar window! Thanks for introducing us to it last year.
    Love to you all xx

  2. Awww hope pip is feeling much better now; and you too hun.

  3. happy st. nicholas day, san. povero pip and povero you! i remember those days of sudden catastrophe! washing machines are knights in shining armour :)

    the soup and star biscuits sound delicious! benedict is really thinking now! morgana mentioned the christmas fairies just the other day. she remembers them making surprise visits in the days before christmas. st. nick left us clementines and chocolate and . . gloves!

    i hope pip is better now, and your cold goes away. and i'm glad you're enjoying the advent calendar. we are also. we really enjoy the holiday time.

    a big hug, dorina

  4. Happy belated St. Nicholas Day! I'm so sorry about Pip, looks like it came out of the blue. I hope nobody else will catch it! I'm having a stomach problem (so far the official diagnosis at the doctor's office is "gastritis") myself and am trying to get that under control. No fun right before Christmas! Your soup looks good, I also like the china!


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