Friday, 7 December 2012

DPP * Day Seven ~ Making Progress

We've had a quiet day at home.  Pip is still not well, she hasn't been sick since yesterday but spiked a fever at midday and spent the afternoon sleeping.  She has managed to eat a little toast and seemed more like herself albeit a subdued version by teatime. 

 I've spent the day sneezing and coughing, so I've upped the vitamin C and echinacea and sipping Weleda cough elixir.  Despite this I took advantage in the lull to our daily routine and actually managed to tidy and clean the downstairs ... it was pretty desperate!  After tea I sat with my knitting and I'm slowly making progress on the gift knitting; another Liesl is in the WIP stage and this one I have to do when the kids are in bed!  This pattern is soo easy, too easy in fact to forget the rhythm and make the simplest of errors, I know to my cost the last Liesl was frogged three times!!

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